Sunday 31 December 2017

New Year's Eve Pyjama Party

How better to spend New Year's Eve than with friends.

A fairly simple event this year, they have already gobbled up all the food and are chatting before settling down to watch a movie.

Everlee and Nisha are deep in conversation

Someone has fallen asleep already!  Dorothy is resting up on Chrissy's lap.

Perhaps she is going to wake just before midnight?

Some lively discussion about what to watch.

Sienna Saige chats to Peggy Sue

Looks like I caught Anne-Marie's eye when I sneaked up to take these photos of them.

Will they all make it to midnight or will more fall asleep like Dorothy?


  1. What a perfect way to spend New Year's Eve - a relaxed little get together with friends! I don't know if they'll make it til midnight, but I doubt I will ;-)

    1. Some made it until midnight and those that didn't were woken up by the WW2 style fireworks that numpties set off between 11.30 pm and 12.30 am CONTINUOUSLY! It really was horrendous. So all were rather tired New Year's Day.

  2. they all look so cozy! I am thinking none of them will still be awake at midnight! lol!

    1. They were very cozy, but did get woken up!


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