FOR SALE: Dolls House, People & Furniture

Selling all my Dolls House,  Furniture and People .  They are  1/16th size and from the 40s to 50s I believe.  (Except Caroline's Bathroom Set)

Postage in the UK or Europe depends on the weight of the item Elsewhere price depends on whereabouts in the World, please email for cost.

I am more negotiable for those willing to pay as 'Family/Friends'.  I will always send recorded delivery to protect both myself and the buyer.  I am also open to selling as bundles/multiples and will be open to offers to those buying several items.

All Dolls House, Furniture and People are 1/16th size and from the 40s to 50s I believe.  (Except Caroline's Bathroom Set.

If you are interested in purchasing any items please email me:

lorraine(@) (removing the brackets)

Updated 16th July 2019

I am negotiable on ALL items, and happy to also sell as a bundle.


Dol Toi/Barton/Lundy Furniture For Sale 

Happy to sell in bundles

Prices £2 - £10

Piano - £7.50

Stereogram/Record Player £10.00

Dressing Table  £4.00

Drawer Unit £4.00

Fireplace & Clock £6.00

Grand Piano & Stool £10.00

Dressing Table £4.00

Wardrobes £4.50

Two Beds (A)  £6.00

Two Beds (B) £5.00

Sink £3.00

Dresser £3.00

Cupboard £3.00

Stove/Cooker/Oven  £5.00

Drawers £3.50

Dining Table & Chairs £5.00

Carolines Bathroom Set - not sure this has ever been played with - in Excellent Condition 

Frigidaire/Fridge £7.50


Stove/Cooker/Oven  £2.50


Sets of chairs

Set of two:  £2.00

Set of three with leatherette seats £3.00 (seats need cleaning)

Wooden set of three £2.50

Table £1.00


Miscellaneous bundle  £2.50


Fairylite Metal Toilet £4.00


I think this is 1/12th size, but not absolutely sure.


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