Saturday 31 August 2019

Pretty Girl in Orange.

At the beginning of August a friend alerted me to the fact that one of the online doll shops based here in England was closing down.  Sadly yet another.  I took advantage of their sale and bought a couple of outfits for Sienna (Saige) the one American Girl doll I am keeping.  (I currently still have two for sale if anyone is interested!).  Well I finally got round to trying an outfit on her today, and am really pleased with it.  It fits well and is very nicely made.  Sienna likes as well.

I think this is just the perfect outfit for her as we drift into the end of summer.  

Who said red heads can't wear orange?


I'm hoping to go through all my American Girl clothing and accessories this coming week to sort out what to keep for Sienna and what to pass on. That is the goal anyway!

Monday 26 August 2019

The Sun is Shining

The other week I bought this little outfit from a lady who has bought the stock of 'My London Girl' who have sadly gone out of business.  I had hoped it would fit Peggy Sue, and it does.

The boots are of course a little big, but in true old fashioned style, they fit over Peggy Sue's shoes, so she said they were just fine.  This lovely yellow coat was just perfect for chasing the damp weather away as just after she wore this the sun came out!

On Friday afternoon Peggy Sue enjoyed a stroll in the garden with Geoffrey.

Yesterday, pretending she was attending the IOW Scooter Rally, Wren went for a ride on her Vespa.  

Afterwards she relaxed in the sun...I asked her if she wasn't a little too warm in her black leggings and boots, but she declared she was just fine.  So I left her to it.

Sunday 25 August 2019

Creative Weeks 14 - 16

There has still been some creativity happening on my better days when I have been able to sit up on the settee.  We had a week away and I thought I was doing okay, but within two days of getting back I was struck back down with more severe pains which landed me back in hospital and in resus as I collapsed.  I don't really remember that part, but hubby said it was scary!  I think I just passed out from the pain.  Still don't know what is going on.  Two A & E visits in just a month is way too much for my liking!

Anyway, this fellow has helped cheered me up and I really enjoyed making him.

Meet Geoffrey, who can't quite decide if he is an Alpaca or a Llama!

I am really pleased with how his face turned out.

He makes me smile.

I have started a 'Three Elephant Project', making one each for myself, my sister and my Mum.  My Mum sadly probably won't know what it is, and probably won't even really acknowledge it, she is sadly that bad now, but I at least know what it would have meant to her and it can sit in her room.  My Mum used to love elephants and made a lovely elephant embroidery picture that is on the wall in my parent's home.  The first poem my Dad ever taught me to learn off by heart was about an elephant and so it just seemed a fun little project to do.

This is Mavis


Mavis and Martha - the first two elephants.  I think the final one, which will probably be my Mum's will be in dark grey.  I don't think I have enough of the light grey to make the third. 

They are knitted with some of my fabulous New Zealand Merino Wool that I bought while in NZ this year.

I have two more little rag doll so on the go.  One is for a swap, so I can't show them yet.  They still need their faces, eyes and clothes.  The other rag dolls I have been making (shown on the last Creative post) also need some more clothes and underwear made, but I just haven't been feeling like sewing or doing those.  

I just love the next project that I made for my Daughter in Law's birthday.

I have really enjoyed making this special animal.  

Her name is 'Sally' the Arapawa Sheep and she is made with Arapawa Wool and her dress is NZ Merino, so she has true Kiwi roots.  


I crocheted a little pumpkin

Really pleased with how this turned out, so can see me making some more.  A nice little quick and easy project.

A little dress for Martha Elephant.


  I have almost finished the bear I am making for my husband's birthday - just have to sew it up now when he isn't around and make a little outfit for him.