Friday 7 September 2018

Rose Cottage Village Fair.

The day dawned perfectly for the Rose Cottage Village Fair.  Each year a small group of friends hold an event  and we are now into our fifth year!  This year it was time for a Village Fair with the feature being a puppet show.

The gang of boys arrive very excited about what might be on offer.

Several had brought their skateboards but were disappointed to find they didn't work too well on grass.

A couple of experienced horse riders offered to give pony rides and had brought a couple of ponies along for the day.

Peggy Sue is ready to announce the puppet show and Norma Jean and Betsy are already close by waiting, as is Rory who heard that a frog might be involved.

He hovers round anxiously.

The two little girls are deep in conversation catching up with each other's news.

Some of the stands are already manned ready for sales. 

There are various stalls on offer including candy floss which I think will prove to be a hit.

Henry is in charge of the Bric a Brac stall and Emily the cake stall.

There is a Hook a Duck game with some great prizes to be had.

The toddlers are interested in the Soft Toy Stall and are watched over by Stevie.

Ooh it looks like the puppet show is about to start.

Peggy Sue tells everyone to gather round ready for the curtains to open and the show to start.

The children all sit down quietly eager for the show to begin.

Once upon a time...Peggy Sue begins as all good stories do.

There was a frog looking for his princess...

He meets a Gingerbread man

Have you seen my princess?  He asks.

The audience listen intently... as Peggy Sue explains that the Frog has lost his princess and is in search of her so when the Gingerbread Man says no, off he goes in search...

Looks like the toddlers discovered the candy floss!

Suddenly a mouse appears!

Oh no, I hope the mouse doesn't eat the Gingerbread man....

Quickly quickly the Gingerbread man runs away as fast as he can.

A mermaid?  What is a mermaid doing here?  Asks Peggy Sue.  

When the mouse realises the mermaid isn't afraid of him, he goes in search of the Gingerbread man who has run away.

But what is this?

An Octopus?

But what is an Octopus doing here?


The children in the audience shout 'Watch Out'

Oh no, says Peggy Sue, what do we have here...  

has the Octopus grabbed the Mermaid,

or is he just giving her a hug?

The children are yelling at her to be careful ...

Stevie feels something on her shoulder...

Oh, it's you she said!  I thought the Octopus tentacles had a long reach when I felt something tickling my shoulder!

But wait...

Rory is suddenly up close to the screen

What is that we see?

Has Frog found his princess to be?

The boys seem to have got a mite distracted...

Well apart from Rory who is much to absorbed in the story.

I didn't know this was going to end all luvy dovy 

Shall we give the rest of the show a miss?

Oh dear some more disruptive behaviour seems to have broken out on the floor.

But wait!  It looks like Frog has found his true love

 and seals it with a kiss.

Like all good stories it has a happy ending of which Rory at least is pleased. 

As for the two tumbling toddlers

Peggy Sue doesn't seem at all too pleased with

and they sheepishly stop their ruff and tumble

and stand up to take their telling off all contrite.

There is a time and place for ruff and tumble and that is NOT during a puppet show she tells them sternly...

Ollie toddles off to see if he can get some sympathy from the girls

Rory in the meantime is fascinated at what goes on behind the scenes.

The show has broken up and it looks like the children are wandering round finding things to spend their pocket money on.

The Candy Floss is popular

Especially with these two who it appears have gone back for second helpings!

The boys play skittles.

Hook a Duck is a fun spot as well.

The children are shown how it is done.

Others are content to stay sitting and chatting after the show.

Peggy Sue is deep in conversation with Rory who tells her he has been waiting YEARS for a puppet theatre!

The pony rides are proving popular and Donny is enjoying a ride and wants to know if he can keep the horse!

He asks all about how hard it is to care for and own a horse.

This little lad was thrilled to get a ride as he was too young to take part in the Gymkhana three  years ago.

Back at the puppet theatre Rory and Peggy Sue are still deep in conversation

Whilst Lewis wonders whether he will ever be able to get out and go and have a relax.

Phew at last he can sneak out the back!

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