Monday 27 August 2018

A Puppet Show

On the Schoenhut Cafe we are having a little August photo can be summer themed, or winter depending on what part of the hemisphere you live!  I wanted to do a summer theme, but August hasn't quite been as conducive as I had hoped weather wise, but today I managed to take a few photos of the Schoenhut children watching a puppet show. 

Peggy Sue presents a puppet show for the children

She tells the story....

They all watch intently

completely enthralled by the show.

Rebekah Grace gasps with excitment

A great way to enjoy a bank holiday Monday afternoon.

Tuesday 21 August 2018

Oops, and some TLC I had a bit of a blip recently with regards my no spend/sell regime... feeling especially down for various reasons, the foremost being this continued pain that is finding more places on my body to hurt, what did I do but break my regime and um...bought a doll (or two - oops!)  Bad me, but hey sometimes it just has to be done!  One of the dolls arrived yesterday.  She has been on my wish list for several years now after falling for her on Flickr.  I didn't think I would ever be able to get one, as they are either in the USA, or far too expensive here in the UK, so when the opportunity arose to get one here, I went for it.  She is as unlike Sasha as they come!

Here she is just after she arrived...

Two contrasting black and white shots...I quite like the one above with the almost washed out look.

Her hair was a mess, but she had her original dress and panties so that is good.

Naturally the poor girl needed a bath and hair wash. 

Her hands were filthy as were her arms which had a yellow tinge to them.

Just look at that sad little face.  You can see a little hole underneath her left eye, that is where a tear would have been.

Oops, she slipped over in the bath!

Rather undignified don't you think?  Poor thing, thinks I am adding insult to injury.

Her arms already loo a better colour thanks to the Magic Eraser sponge.

I washed her hair, conditioned it, and used fabric softener.  

Sunning herself.

Waiting for her hair to dry.

Such big expressive eyes.

Hair starting to look better and drying well.

When are you going to dress me?

All dressed.  When my sewing MOJO returns I will make her something else to wear.

I took some photos of her in the garden.

Would you like some blueberries?

I didn't eat them.

She looks like she is shrugging here!

Love this shot...

I really enjoyed tidying this doll up, washing her, conditioning her hair etc... it reminded me a bit of when I used to collect Tressy dolls and most of those were waifs that needed attention.  My Tressy doll collection is long since gone, in part to make room for the Sasha and to fund that um, habit..  I only have one remaining, my childhood replacement Tressy.   I do however have some lovely memories of the fun I had giving them some TLC.  

It is funny but by giving this doll some TLC, it was like I was giving myself some and it has helped focus on something different, even if just for a few hours.

Little Miss No Name made by Hasbro in 1965 now has a name  - Nomi  (pronounced No Me)  She needs to be loved and I think has a rather appealing little face, although I am sure many wouldn't agree.  But I like her and that is all that matters!

Sunday 19 August 2018

Henry Makes Progress

Back on 29th  December 2016, Peggy Sue, Henry, Donny and Rory started writing out a wish list of ideas, plans and things they wanted to make.  Rory's wish was right on top of the list, and it is only now that Henry has started to put those plans into progress...

With the help of the Sailor yesterday afternoon...

 Henry has been sanding, 



and checking the size...

Next he will have to rope in Peggy Sue and her sewing machine, and probably Emily as well.

Friday 17 August 2018

Five on Friday

Lewis wanted to show of his 'Five on Friday'

Five of his special belongings.

His pocket watch from Great Uncle Stan, his pocket knife, his Schoenhut badge, his lunch box and a Toby Jug.  

Thursday 16 August 2018

Schoenhut Series - Norma Jean

Hello Norma Jean, what are you doing?  Peggy Sue asks.

I don't know.  Replies Norma Jean.  It is so wet out today.  

I'm all dressed up with nowhere to go.

Mum has even re-done my hair.

Perhaps I will do some reminiscing...

Norma Jean has been with me for a few years now and used to belong to a friend of mine.    She was originally called Gladys Jean.  I am not sure I ever did a 'proper' formal introduction to her, so will do a post now, and if I did it was on my 'How Many Dolls' blog.

She didn't come wearing a dress, so I had to make her one.   Oh to be able to just whip up a dress like I used to!  Where oh where is that MOJO gone?!  Her wig didn't quite fit so she borrowed another.

Peggy Sue welcomes her.  Before the dress above was made she was wearing the only other dress available that fitted at the time.

This style of dress just didn't really suit her and made her look so much 'older'.  

The short wig didn't really suit her, but she put on her smiling face and with a flower in her hair she was quite happy.

Back in 2015 I decided to give her a bit of a makeover and managed to find another wig that fitted her quite well and I made her a new dress.

I forgot that I made a detachable lace collar for this dress....I wonder where it has gone?!

Tying her hair back she looks really sweet and is quite the nature lover.

She remembers she wanted to know if she could keep the little red squirrel...

The photos above were taken in Autumn 2015 and yes she is still wearing that same dress - she says she likes it so why not?!

May 2016 - Norma Jean admires the pretty flowers.