Thursday 14 February 2019

Young Love.

Sweet young love is in the air.

Rory's feelings for Molly are still strong and every year he remembers to give her something for Valentine's Day.

This year he presented her with a bunch of flowers.

Molly thinks they are beautiful

Thank you Rory.  Molly says.

For an earlier post of Molly and Rory on Valentine's Day - the one found here:   'Sweet Love'  is from six years ago - gosh how time flies!

Monday 11 February 2019

Shall we have a Valentine's Day Party?

We should have a Valentine's Day Party.  Ziva suggests to the other girls

We could, replies Cora, but the trouble is Mum says she doesn't know where all the decorations are.  

We could make our own.  Ziva  suggests.

Or we could try and find them Cora says.  

As long as we don't make a mess Mum says.  Peggy Sue tells the girls.  Apparently she is soooo busy this week trying to tidy up everything and get things ready for her trip to NZ next week.  

I might know where they are.  Emily tells them.  Shall I go and have a look.

Please do!  The girls tell her.

Sunday 10 February 2019

Creative 2019 - Week Six

Well my creativity is supposed to be slowing down due to my yearly upcoming trip to visit my parents in NZ.  It has slowed significantly and I wasn't actually planning on making anything this week, but well I just couldn't resist!

Henry got a new pair of socks to match his sweater made last month and of course his new blue boots.

I of course made these two dolls mentioned in yesterday's post.  Including all their clothing except the dungarees that were made a few years ago.

I have also worked some more on my Rag Doll Journal  and have been planning Henry's 2019 Journal/Diary.

This morning I made a travel bag for Henry to carry Abel in.

Henry is most pleased.  

On my needles - a little yellow cardigan for Nancy, that will probably be finished this evening when I am sitting relaxing. 

Saturday 9 February 2019

Creative 2019 - Two More Tiny Rag Dolls

On 'Knitty Hittys' a group I am on this month there is a 'Tiny Rag Doll Sew Along' which I thought would be fun to join in as I had made one only last month (can be read about by clicking here )  Initially I thought I would make up a kit to take with me, but in full procrastination mode, with regards to what I SHOULD be doing, I of course wanted to start one straight away.  This time I wanted to try making a boy.  This proved much harder than I had anticipated - it is NOT easy at all.  It is all to do with the faces and hair, that makes all the difference!

This time I made a cardboard template of the bodies and legs and traced round it onto the fabric.  I then sewed along those lines BEFORE cutting out.  This made it much easier to sew and neater. 

Once sewn up the pieces were turned inside out.

Then stuffed and sewn up.

Shoes were the next to be made and I chose some brown felt for his shoes.

I then practised drawing some faces - definitely not my talent!

Eventually I came up with something I thought I'd like to try.

I also sewed on the hair which was felting wool.

Clothes came next.  I sewed a pair of trousers out of checked fabric and the shirt out of felt and added tiny buttons

Trouble is 'he' looks like a she!

So I tried a pair of dungarees next.  Nope still looks like a girl.

Back to the original clothes...

I added a belt (made out of a rubber band and sewn to hold. It was all I had to hand) and a 'kerchief'.

Still didn't look quite right.

I turned back the top of the jacket to make lapels and I added a beret.

Boy?  Still not convinced and for some reason 'Mavis' just came to mind while I was making this doll despite all the permutations I I think 'Mavis' is in the French Resistance disguised as a boy and goes by the name Maurice (although some have said RenĂ© would be perfect!)  

So then of course me being me and suffering from COTDM - Compulsive Obsessive Tiny Doll Making Disorder, had to try again at making a boy!

Again I traced round the pieces, sewed round them and cut them out, turned inside out and started stuffing.

Arms sewn on first.

Then legs at the front and then I stuff before sewing up the back.

One blank template.

I drew some more faces - as you can see there is no end to my talent!  Ha ha!

Nope, didn't like this at all - I thought if I made the nose more neutral it would work but it most certainly didn't.

Prefer this nose more and I added some eyebrows.  This time I used a browner red for the lips.

This hair was my third attempt.  The first I tried sewing embroidery floss for hair, but ended up taking it all out. The second I tried wool, that didn't work either.  I didn't want to use felting wool this time, so tried felt instead.  I was pleased with the result - not quite as boy looking as I would like but closer.

Next I had to make the clothes.  I thought I would knit a sweater for him to wear either over or under the dungarees.

I quite like this look.

I sewed the shoes on last!

I think he looks much more like a boy and is going to be for Henry so I haven't named him yet - I will leave that up to Henry ;)

The two together.

I am still going to make up some packs to take with me so I can make some while in NZ as they are fun to just sit and do when wanting to relax, or if have nothing else to do.

Tuesday 5 February 2019

H & G Goodies

Some of the gang wanted to show off some of the goodies we got at the Haggle and Gaggle on Saturday.

From left to right:

Donny, Henry, Molly & Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue nabbed the tights that were in our goodie bag as she is a tight/stocking loving girl  She hates to be cold in winter.

She loves the stripes!

Henry shows off his new boots made by Rosie Bloomfield

They match his jumper/sweater perfectly.

Molly claimed the little skirt that was in our goodie bag and teamed it with the cardigan I won in the raffle.

Donny tried on the third raffle prize outfit I won.  He thinks he might let one of the girls have the cardigan as it does up the 'girls way' and he prefers slightly darker colours, although I said it matched the outfit beautifully.  These boys can be quite particular!  It is usually Pierre who is the most 'pedantic' but looks like this has rubbed off on Donny too.

He loves the jeans and shirt

Back pockets too.

I don't know who made/donated the raffle prizes I won - the striped cardigan Molly is wearing looks like the type that Thelma makes.   But a thank you to whomever donated them.  We are very pleased with our raffle wins and of course the wonderful 'goodie bag' gifts.

The only outfit not tried on yet is the 'Deer stalker' jacket and cap...but that is for another time.

Monday 4 February 2019

I spy in the Garden

It was a beautiful day yesterday with a stunning blue sky, although still cold.  We went up to visit the Sailor's wife as he is away at the moment.  Henry couldn't wait to go out into the garden to see what was growing when she mentioned snowdrops as we have none in our garden.

Gosh quite a little crop of them.

He was fascinated by their little bonnets.

In the little wall garden he found quite a few bulbs had sprouted and one had some petals poking through.

He wonders if it is a tulip?

Sunday 3 February 2019

Sasha Haggle & Gaggle Day

The girls were very excited yesterday morning and were up and dressed very early.... Emily had also demanded  asked nicely if I would make her a coat too, so of course having woke up very early I obliged.  We were going to the very first Sasha Haggle and Gaggle Day organised by Theresa and Petrana

Peggy Sue is wearing the coat I made Friday and one of the Valentine's Day dresses I made during the week.  Emily chose to wear her coat with the bright pink needle cord on the outside.  She was wearing her Valentine's Day dress.  Sophia wanted to keep  on her pretty Disney dress, Everlee Rose also wore one of the Valentine's dresses I made and her new red coat.  Maddison wanted to wear a skirt I made a couple of years ago and teamed it with a red jumper/sweater I made a few years ago.

We were very kindly picked up by our dear friend Jocelyn, and had an easy run to Milton Keynes where the event was held.   Once arrived the girls and boys (Rory and Henry) joined the others on the party table.

A Valentine's Day (early!) party was in full swing, and everyone was dressed beautifully.

There were various displays and stalls and even....

hot air balloon rides!!  (DollMum and her daughter were lucky enough to be able to take this balloon home with them, and it will be featuring later in the year at our yearly summer event)

Everyone had lots of fun and there was much chatter going on.

Rory was a little shy (dressed in the orange/rust) jumper/sweater.

Catherine's immaculate knitting work was very much in evidence with the two dressed in red and blue.  Her work is really quite incredible!

DollMum's beautiful colourful African outfits were a delight.  I think the turquoise and blue would have to be my favourite, but it was very hard to pick as they were all fabulous.

I also loved Roxy's outfit - the girl with the tangerine hair.  

Henry thinks they look pretty good as well!

Peggy Sue sits with Sindy and Jocelyn's lovely girl who chose not to join in the Valentine's party, but who was certainly interested in what was going on by the look on her face.

(Many thanks to DollMum for her picture as I forgot to take a picture of Peggy Sue!) 

The main raffle prizes were incredible.  Such a lot of work had gone into them.

There were also so dolls as prizes, but I seem to have missed photographing them for some reason.

So many generous donations for the raffle prizes 

My two coats at the front.  

The prizes on the tables just keep coming!

So much to choose from if you were lucky enough to get your number drawn.

Some were VERY lucky!

I  consider myself very lucky too...I never win anything, so imagine my delight when I had my number called....not just once, nor twice, by THREE times!  I was so excited.  Photos of my wins, at the end of this post.

There were some lovely things for sale on the Sales Tables, but I wasn't able to buy today due to Percy's upcoming veterinary treatment and bills. (Although did succumb to one thing!)

Rosie Bloom's wonder shoes.  It was so lovely catching up with her.  We first met at the 2012 Sasha Festival and I haven't seen her since, so we had a good chat over lunch and  and I was delighted when she chose the denim coat I had worn as one of her raffle prizes.  I was also delighted to make my one and purchase at her table for a wonderful pair of blue boots for Henry.  It was also lovely to chat to her sister during lunch as well as she too was at the first Sasha Festival I went to in 2012.

Some dolls for sale.

More goodies!

Another sales table with some lovely knitwear.

The raffle started at 2.30pm  The first was the International Raffle, then the raffle for the attendees of the event.

Theresa who along with Petrana who hosted the event called out the raffle winners while Dawn pulled out the tickets. 

I forgot to take any more photographs as I was 'too busy' just enjoying the day.  The food was presented beautifully, plenty for most to choose from, with sandwiches, wraps, fruit, vegetables and cake plus copious amounts of tea and coffee for those who wanted it.

Theresa and Petrana did an amazing job and I want to give a really big thanks to them for putting on such a wonderful fun day.  It was so lovely to meet up with all my lovely friends again after not being able to attend any Sasha events since 2016 I think it was!  Far too long.  We finished the evening with a lovely meal together at the local pub in the village where the event was held.

My raffle prizes:

I believe this is part of a 'deerstalkers' outfit by Boneka.  It looked fun and I am sure it will be used at some stage in one of my stories.

A colourful striped cardigan.  A wonderful combination of colours.

Fabulous boys outfit.  Love this set.

We were also given a fabulous gift bag with some tights, (I think Peggy Sue is going to nab these) a skirt, balloon and a pen - always useful!)

Thank you!

My purchase from Rosie with a VERY special thanks!

Rosie's shoes are always beautiful presented in a box, tied with string and a little pair of socks.

Aren't these just lovely?