The Toy Box

Naturally I also have a collection of toys that either feature with my dolls, or on their own. Eventually I might even get round to taking photos of them!  But I will write this for now as I do a bit of a stock take of them.

Hasbro Littlest Pet Shop Frogs - Hamilton & Maud  These are Rory's frogs.

Dam Trolls - Thorsten, Tiny Troll 

Russ Troll - Tulip.
Jointed Dam Trolls - Tabitha, Sailor Sam & Sailor Sidney, Einstein, Tracy & Thorsten

Domos - Large - Yellow Flocked 'Dougal Sunshine', Green Filigree 'Darwin'

Domos - Small - Multi - 'Dexter' & Icy Blue - Dewey & Ruby Red - 'Dennis'  Chess - 'Chessie', Yellow - 'Sydney Sunshine'

Cyril the Cyberman

Charley Bear

Smurfs - Hiker & Tennis Player  These are from my childhood.

Horse - Mr Ned



Uglies - Icebat & Jeero (Yellow)

The Monkeys:

Monkey - Sweetheart Ty Monkey

Chester & Chips - Vintage Schuco Monkeys (Chester collar & squeaker.  Chips, Collar but no chain and felt ears instead of plastic?

Jacko - a Chad Valley Monkey from the sixties - replaces my childhood one that got eaten by rats.

Romeo - an original Bear Factory bear.  Featured in a series of photos I did in September 2016.

The 'Animalz'  
'Roo' Kangaroo 


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