Sunday 31 May 2020

Making in May

Well I haven't been very good at blogging my daily makes, but I have managed to do them!

Sasha Dresses

Six summer dresses for Etsy Shop 'Muriel Makes'
One summer dress for Emily

Sasha Cardigans

Two Cardigans - two for Etsy Shop 'Muriel Makes' as part of summer dress shop.

One Cardigan for Emily

Toy for Sasha/Gregor

One Knitted Doll for Gregor.


Two summer dresses for Peggy Sue


Short sleeve cardigan for Peggy Sue

TRD Wardrobes

Three knitted T Shirts
Three reversible Aprons
Six Skirts
Three pairs Trousers/Pants
One pair of Shorts
Two Jackets
Five Reversible Tops
One Shawl
One Hat

American Girl  Mix n Match Capsule Wardrobe

Two Skirts
One Pair Crop Trousers/Pants
Two tops/blouses
One Knitted Reversible T Shirt/Cardigan
One Shawl Cardigan
Altered Denim Jacket

Teddy Bears - for New Etsy Shop coming soon...

24 Bears

Photos of the Sasha dresses, cardigans, and teddy bears below.

Lastly a photo of all the teddy bears made including three from the end of April  (only one missing which was given away as a birthday present)

Sunday 3 May 2020

Day Three - Making in May

Today's make was this bear I made with calico type fabric my neighbour gave me.  His paws are made from a pair of my younger son's old jeans.  

Saturday 2 May 2020

Day Two: Making in May

I knitted a little doll.

Edward has claimed him for his own.

Edward is such a sweet boy.

He looks like he is on a mission!

Posing with his new doll.

Friday 1 May 2020

It's May!

I'm going to try and make something every day in May.

Today I made Peggy Sue a new dress which she loves from some fabric that was given to me by my neighbour as a thank you for the tiny rag dolls I made for her and her grand-daugther.

These are the two little dolls that have gone to their new homes.  I am waiting to hear what names they will be given.

On one of the groups I am on someone said they didn't know that there was a wooden Edith the Lonely doll, so I have taken a photo of mine to show her.  I have an idea of taking a photo a day of a different doll this month...but whether I achieve that is another thing!