Saturday 30 June 2018

ADAD June Ravelry Challenge - Days 22 - 30

June 22 prompt: In or with your national colors or costume

Julie in red and white to represent England.

June 23 prompt: Way up high. Remember high is relative. We’re talking high to a doll.

Julie and the Beanstalk!

June 24 prompt: Art, with a piece of art, in your home, someplace else, art from a book, your own art, your child or grandchild’s art work, making art, dressed as an artist, lots of ideas here.

Julie has a look at the picture I painted a few years ago.

June 25 prompt: With your most recently acquired doll

Julie welcomes Mini Molly, she thinks she must be awfully hot in that outfit!

June 26 prompt: Anything to do with a sport or exercise

Julie is 'in training' for what she wouldn't say, but she did loads of laps on a very hot sunny afternoon, and it didn't seem to faze her - I was impressed.

June 27 prompt: With something you use everyday

A bit big for you Julie, but you have the right idea.  

June 28 prompt: Peeking out

Peek a boo!

June 29 prompt: In situ, where your doll normally resides when she’s not having her photo taken daily

This is where Julie resided before June...please don't make me go back and please 'free' my sisters and cousins!

June 30 prompt: So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night…I hate to go and leave this pretty sight…So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu…Adieu, adieu, to yieu and yieu and yieu

Farewell from Julie!

It has been a great month with a lot of participants on Ravely and it has been such fun taking part and also seeing all the other participants photos.  Thank you CQ for organising this. 

Julie in June

Tuesday 26 June 2018

Large Handmade Dolls House For Sale

Selling my large dolls house.  This is very well made and also has a drawer underneath that can pull out either side - ideal for storing small items.  I will take some more photos, but here are a few that I took in 2015 when I first got it. 

I can only imagine that this would have to be collection only so guessing I probably won't be able to sell it via my blog, but hey you never know!  

I would be looking in the region of £90 - £100 for this lovely house as it is so well made.  As you can see it is ideal for Hitty size dolls who are 6 1/4 inches tall as it is 1/10th scale.   

For Sale: Gee Bees Doll House and Grecon Inhabitants.

Selling my sweet little Dolls House, furniture and inhabitants.  Will either sell as a whole, or as individual pieces and people.  Offers welcomed, as I still have to work out various prices so if interested please message me and feel free to make an offer - I can either say yes or no, or let's negotiate.

I can take more detailed photos of furniture and fittings, plus characters, so please feel free to ask.  My contact details are on my 'For Sale' page.  

ADAD June Ravelry Challenge - Days 15 - 21

June 15 prompt: Blinged - with or wearing some of your jewelry or someone else’s. You say you don’t have any jewelry? Surely one of your dolls does. Other ideas: jewelry box, jewelry display.

Julie enjoys looking at all the different brooches on this cushion.  The sparkly blue one belonged to her person's grandmother.

June 16 prompt: Good night, sweet doll, or good morning. Jammies if you have them.

Sleep tight Julie...she is snuggled up with Nancy's little bear friend.

June 17 prompt: In/with a hand, yours or someone else’s. 

Not especially inspiring...

June 18 prompt: Wearing someone else’s clothes or shoes. The someone doesn’t have to be a doll.

Julie borrows Nancy's dress to wear as a top with her denim skirt.

June 19 prompt: With something tiny, the tinier the better.

A tiny flower from the garden 

June 20 prompt: What’s in your purse? Spread out the contents, squeeze the doll in the photo. Don’t want to share your purse contents? Put the doll in your purse, or maybe it’s the doll’s purse and contents.

To make up for me not being able to go to the Sasha Festival in the USA again this year, hubby took me for a short break to the IOW.  A purse in the USA is a bag to us in the UK, and while on holiday to evenly distribute the weight I use a small backpack which contains various necessary and perhaps unnecessary items, plus some travel companions.

June 21 prompt: Mail - Checking the mail. Not going to your mailbox today? Take her photo with some mail, or writing a letter.

Writing a card for her person's mother.  Yikes better get it posted!

Monday 25 June 2018

Updated Dolls & Toys, Bears & Props For Sale pages.

As it says above!  More to be added asap.  I AM negotiable on many of the items, so please don't be afraid to ask if you want to make a sensible offer, or perhaps in some cases, not quite such a sensible offer, you never know I just may accept! :)

Click on the above links or those below:

Toys, Bears & Props 

Dolls for Sale

Rory is frog spotting!

There has been much excitement for Rory as not only do we have newts, but also at least three frogs in our pond.  The snails seem to have disappeared though - perhaps the frogs or newts have been eating them thinks Rory. 

He has been out there most of the morning watching for the frogs.

His patience has been rewarded.

He takes a closer look

One frog...

Two frogs... with the third disappearing just as he bent down to take a closer look.

He decides to sit very quietly and see if they will come back up to the surface again.

What better way to spend this lovely sunny day he thinks to himself than to watch wildlife and in particular his favourite, frogs!

Sunday 17 June 2018

ADAD June Ravelry Challenge - Days 8 - 14

June 8 prompt: With the doll you have had for the longest time. If you don’t have access to the doll right now maybe you could bring up a photo on your screen and take a pic with that, or a similar doll found online.

I am not sure which doll I have had the longest, but it is one of the following three: A Palitoy doll that walked and talked, Katie Copycat or my little Perfekta doll ‘Little Miss’. I have just taken a photo of Linda with Julie, but might get a photo of all three together as I always remember all three dolls. So will add a photo later today, particularly as this one didn’t come out very well as it is too bright.

June 9 prompt: June is traditionally wedding month. Pose your doll dressed for a wedding, with your wedding pic, with an ancestor’s wedding pic, with one of the traditional things one carries at a wedding: something old, something new, something borrowed, or something blue, or with several of these ideas at once.

I would have liked to have posed Julie with a photo of my son’s wedding that happened earlier this year. It was amazing, but I still don’t have any photos of it…so we had to compromise - she decided to ‘gate crash’ the NASB wedding party instead.

June 10 prompt: Next to a family heirloom or just something old.

An old bear I bought in NZ from an antique shop many years ago in NZ, my husband’s grandmother’s old Bible and Peggy Sue who of course insists, that she actually isn’t old!

June 11 prompt: Under something

My take on ‘Under Something’ is…. Rose petals ‘underfoot’

June 12 prompt: Looking out a window

Julie looks out the window at the roses. The sun is missing today…

June 13 prompt: With needlework, not something meant for your doll to wear

I could have used lots of different items for this prompt as I have done a lot of needlework over the years, from making tote bags, cosmetic purses, soft toys, quilting, children’s clothes and shoes, cross stitch, embroidery…. but the first thing that sprang to mind was this lovely hand sewn picture made from felt that I bought a few years back now that has on the back  ‘With much love, Evelyn, May 1949’

June 14 prompt: Monochromatic - try to make the whole photo, with the exception of the doll’s vinyl and hair, various shades of a single colour, it can be your favourite colour, or if you’re like me and don’t have one, any colour. 

Well for today’s prompt I had wanted to stand the items up, but for lack of space, I ended up having to do a Flat Lay which wasn’t what I originally intended for Monochrome - so this probably isn’t exactly what is looked for, but I have stuck to the theme of one colour predominantly of yellow.  There is a mixture of childhood dolls, various toys, misc items and a doll Mum gave me a couple of years ago before her Alzheimer’s got too bad. She thought the doll was her childhood doll, so that in itself makes her special.