Thursday 25 November 2021

Wandering with Wren - Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary

Wren woke to the most beautiful day today.  The sun was shining, the sky was blue.  It was cold but wearing her nice new orange fleece she felt very warm.  The sleeves are nice and long and cover her hands too if she wants them to, so that kept her fingers warm as well.

Anyway she headed off for a wander around the Donkey Sanctuary.

There are over 100 donkeys and ponies at the sanctuary, mostly donkeys that have been rescued or taken on as their owners can no longer care for them.

They are kept in different paddocks, pens and accommodation according to their needs, and feeding and treatment schedules.

Wren loved watching the donkeys in this pen waiting their turn for feeding.

All the donkeys wear collars with their names on them.  The girls (female donkeys are called a jenny or jennet) wear a yellow collar and the boys (male donkeys are called a jack) wear red collars.

All the donkeys who come to the Sanctuary stay there for the rest of their lives.

Three donkeys in the barn eating hay

This one is licking a mineral salt block.

Outside by one of the accommodation barns.  
The barns had such fun names, like 'Paddy's Penthoue and Health Suite' where new donkeys go when they arrive at the Sanctuary. 'Poppy's Place', 'Bruno's Bungalow', 'Peanut's Pad', 'Nobby's Nammet'.  

Grazing in one of the paddocks.

Wren enjoyed sitting and watching them eat.

The sun was shining through this salt lick, making it look like a large peach/apricot coloured crystal.

There were information boards up telling about the different donkeys.

This one had just had a roll in the field.

Cute little pony.

Pretty markings on this one.

Jimbob, who used to work at Carisbrooke Castle

Rescue stories.

This one should be called 'Spot' the donkey.

Goodbye, hope you enjoyed the donkeys as much as I did.

The heritage of the Donkey Sanctuary.

Wren picked up some postcards for her postcard swap, and was given a check list of the donkeys she spotted.

She can't wait to send some more postcards out.


Thursday 18 November 2021

Postcard Swap - Wren receives her fifth card.

Wren was excited to receive her fifth card in the post this morning.

She loves the vintage look of the card.

Who is it from?

It is from her friend Sindy Shiloh.  
She loves the Christmas stamp and smiley faces.

Thank you for her lovely card Sindy Shiloh!


Postcard Swap - Wren writes some more cards.

Having opened up her Postcard Swap to blogging friends and those on IG, Wren has been busy writing out more cards.

Last week she wrote out three and posted those...

Just put the postcards through the slot.

She now knows that at least two have arrived.

This is another card she has chosen to write and she posted this one at the beginning of the week

Off she goes to the post office again.  
She is so pleased it is just up the road from where we live.

Today she sits down and writes out two more.

These are the two she has chosen from her visit to the Needles last month.  

She is keeping it a surprise as to who she has sent them to, until she knows they have arrived.


Wednesday 10 November 2021

Postcard Swap - Wren receives her fourth card!

Wren is delighted to receive her fourth postcard

She thinks this postcard swap is such fun, and hopes that more people will join in.

Oh look, the card shoes places in Bath.

It is from her friend Ada Makie (and Ada's person, Jessica)

She is thrilled that Ada managed to get this postcard to send to her.  

Wren's person has been to Bath, many years ago now when she was home-educating The Sailor.  It was so fascinating to visit with all its Roman history.  Wren hopes she will get to visit Bath one day.

Thank you Ada for this lovely postcard.  It was fun to see the lovely pictures of places in Bath.