Friday 31 January 2020

Monthly Check In - January 2020

I used to belong to a Companion Doll group which was always fun as we had some great discussions and also used to have monthly prompts should we need to be so inspired.  I thought it might be interesting to retrieve these prompts and fill one in at the end of each month this year as a kind of 'accountability' check list.

January  Check In

Anyone new arrive or leave home?   I have sold three dolls, one horse and some dolls house furniture this month.  One surprise new arrival today (31st January),  an unexpected gift from a friend.  

Who wore it well this month and what was it?  Peggy Sue in her new blue elephant dress.

Who captured your heart this month?:  Peggy Sue and of course Henry.  It has been fun to focus solely on them this month.

Who got into trouble and why? No one.

Who was loved just because? Peggy Sue who gave me some much needed comfort when needed.

What happened this month in your dolly world to make you smile? Peggy Sue, Henry and Romeo Jr playing with the new flush toilet!

What is coming up, or on your wish list or something you long for?:   I don’t have anything as such on my wish list, apart from to get my dolls set up in their new home and have some of their props and accessories out so I can actually use them and be inspired.  My aim for February will be organisation!  I'd also like to get my carved Hitty finished in February.  I had hoped to finish her this month but just haven't had the time to even think about it.

Wednesday 29 January 2020

A Letter to Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue was delighted to receive a letter in the post addressed to her.

She couldn't wait to show it to Henry.

How wonderful to get some post!

She opened it up and inside was a wonderful card.

It has a lovely message on the front 'Enjoy every Moment'.  

She tells him it is from her IG friend Hannah.

Isn't it a lovely card?

Peggy Sue reads the lovely message on the back to Henry.

What a beautiful message and card. 

Thank you 

Sunday 26 January 2020

Sunday Afternoon.

Henry seems to be listening intently to Peggy Sue this afternoon...I am not sure what they were discussing as when they spied me they went silent!

Wednesday 22 January 2020

What Shall I Wear Today?

Peggy Sue is wondering what to wear today.

She doesn't want to wear her grey dress.

I think she must have decided on the blue one...she has taken off her nightie and is putting on her underclothes.

Yes, it does look like she decided on her blue dress.

She is so tidy!  Folding up her nightie and putting it away neatly.

Shoes and socks.

Second shoe.

Now what?

Looking pretty.

A bag, and a check of the hair.

Looks like she is ready to go out somewhere!

Tuesday 21 January 2020

Creative 2020 - Week 3

Just managed to squeeze in one creative item this week...

A scarf for Peggy Sue.

Edited to add:

It is a nice fit and should keep her warm when she is out in the cold weather.

Sorting Clothing.

Peggy Sue decided to sort out her basket of clothes.  

She wanted to put some in her travel trunk so she has easy access to them whilst the rest remained packed away.

The top drawer was perfect for her tights, socks and underwear

She hangs up her choice of clothes.

She hopes they will all fit!

She stacks her bags on the shelf and her lunch box. 

The other two drawers contain her hats and her cardigans.

All okay.

Clothes are all hanging up except a few coats which she has folded and put on the bottom.

Ta da!  All done.

Time for a rest with Little Owen now.

Sunday 19 January 2020

Curating a Collection

I still haven't fully refined my goals for my 'Year of Twenty', however, some things are becoming clearer in my mind about where I want my focus to be.  We have been discussing 'Curating a Collection' on a group I am on.

I believe at this stage that a lot of my 'other' dolls will now essentially be leaving, although the process might be slow.  I am now thinking that my group of 'twenty' will be 'any other' dolls that I want to keep apart from my Sasha/Gregor & Schoenhut, who will remain my core group - and I think I will also be pairing down them a bit.  I will be selling all but one of my Course dolls as well.  I will keep my blonde girl with the pigtails/plaits.  This will significantly reduce my collection and I think I will start to enjoy and focus better.  It is very easy to be 'led astray' and go in all sorts of different directions and the last few years it has been a bit like that as I guess in a way I have experimented with what I like and don't like. Although have to say on a whole I like them all!

Tuesday 14 January 2020

Creative 2020 - Week 2

I just haven't had the time to do any knitting or sewing over most of this past week, but did manage to make one item.

Peggy Sue found some material she really liked and asked if I would make her a dress out of it.

Naturally I said yes as it has been quite some time since I made her a new dress.

She seems very happy with it.

Sunday 12 January 2020

Constant Companion.

Peggy Sue has been my constant companion the last few days.

She sits beside me in the evenings.

and snuggles up in bed at night.

She watched a film at the Sailor's place last night with Buzz and Woody.

...but it was a bit scary in places and she had to hide her eyes and come and sit with me!

This morning she took Petunia out for a walk, as it was  a bit wet, she carried her to make it easier.

Thursday 9 January 2020

What name?

Sometimes I struggle with names, sometimes they come easily.  I think more recently naming of the dolls and other beings who live at Rose Cottage has become harder.  Is this a reflection of how many I have?  Or perhaps some just take longer to decide 'who' they are.  Below is one of my lads who seems to have just not settled into his name...  This is his current details:

Name: Albert Jack

Birth Year: 1965

Age: 11

Sibling:  Marcia

Favourite Animal: Undecided.

Favourite Colour:  Earthy tones.

Personality: Determined

Hobbies: Yet to be confirmed

Albert arrived home this morning from having 'surgery' on his hypermobile joints.  He featured before Christmas with Henry during the opening of the Advent Calendar, and I knew then he really needed some 'medical' attention as he was very floppy and was having difficult standing up straight.  He is now much happier and looking forward to taking part in adventures once more. 

Now he is feeling like a 'new man' as he told Henry, while they were out in the garden, he is thinking about a new name.

Names he has toyed with in his mind so far are:

Marcus & Boris.   

Both strong names, or so I have been told. I think he has been watching too many Russian films where the protagonist is called Boris!  Although he said he chose the name after a 16th Century Emperor.  Marcus is of course - so I am reliably informed - Marcus Aurelius, a notable 2nd Century Roman Emperor.  He seems to have done his research, that we have to admit.  I think prefer Marcus ...but will have to wait for him to decide as he seems to have a very strong and determined look on his face, so best to leave it up to him.

Henry was pleased his friend was back from his 'surgical' procedure as it means he has a mate to go around with.  Henry is hoping he will like the 'great outdoors' as much as he does and so they spent some time outside together.

Henry told him he had cleaned out the nature pond while he in 'hospital', he told Henry  he did a pretty good job after inspecting it.  

Fortunately they got out in the garden this morning to look at it, as by mid-afternoon the lovely blue sky and sunshine had disappeared, the sky turned black, the heavens opened, and the rain poured down!