Friday 29 November 2019

A Sunny Friday Afternoon.

The sun came out today so the boys went out to play

They were wrapped up warm in their cardigans and caps.

They stood chatting for a while trying to decide just what to do as it was pretty muddy and wet on the grass.  They realised they should have had their boots on.

Sticking to the path to start with they made their way down the garden.

The pond was examined.

It really needs a clean out, Lewis pointed out.

It sure does,  Henry agreed.

However, they opted to do that another day as they couldn't find the net to clear the leaves out.

Are you coming up?  Henry and Lewis call down.

I'm not sure I should...

You'll be okay, it is easy really.  They both say.

It looks very high up.

But it is a soft landing if you fall as there are so many leaves on the ground at the moment.  Lewis says....although I don't think that reassured ...



How about we go in for a cup of hot chocolate instead?  It is starting to cool down out here now.

It seems the suggestion of something warm to drink and the possibility of an afternoon snack held more sway than climbing ladders...

The boys agreed they could climb the ladder another day. 

Monday 25 November 2019

Peggy Sue's Party

Well it didn't go quite as planned, so I had to leave her to it, so there is rather a lack of photos although I did manage to get a couple in the early stages....

Peggy Sue was surprised at the arrival of Chrissy, Sienna Saige and Lindsey  as she wasn't expecting a party this year as a lot has been going on and a lot of her family and friends at Rose Cottage are currently in doll hibernation.  They decided to wear their knitted dresses to the party this year as they heard Peggy Sue might be wearing hers...

They were delighted to find out she was!

Peggy Sue apologises for the lack of decorations but Chrissy assured her that she was sure things would liven up as soon as the guests began to arrive.

Lewis and Henry made their way to the party after having been out getting some cakes...but hang on a minute, they appear to be empty handed!

Soon their other guests began to arrive.

First her friends from Ravelry...

Gemma and Star made a cake as they heard that I was too busy.

Hazel's girls always arrive in style and we were keen to see how they would arrive this year...

Ruthie didn't disappoint arriving on a hover craft which was loaned to her by a wealthy friend for the trip.  He said it was fast enough to get her there in a few hours and sure enough she was.

Penny's Saige and Jess realised that their brother could attend Peggy Sue's birthday party too without the burden of another plane ticket if he worked as a flight attendant.  Here is is collecting their boarding passes.  Jess had a surprise for Penny Sue in her bag.

A few of Peggy Sue's friends from the Schoenhut Cafe on FB also attended which was fun...

Penny K's lovely children brought lots of sweets to eat...  Little Birdie Celeste has her eyes on the tray of doughnuts that her big sister Cookie is bringing out.  Silus in the back has his eyes on them too by the looks of things!

Dolli's children were ready early to join in the fun!

Little Vivi got a new pink dress for herself and her little doll! 

Thank you to all who 'attended' and for the use of your photos on the blog.   Sorry the plans went slightly astray, but it was good that a party was had regardless!  

Sunday 24 November 2019

Creative Week 29

Some different creativity this week, not quite so much knitting, but mostly sewing and some woodwork.

A little Penny Wooden doll, who  I made from scratch, just waiting on her features and hair.

A dress for Lindsey

A rabbit who currently is wearing borrowed clothes.

A bear called Lawrence. 

I've been admiring some bears on IG and Etsy but can't afford one at the moment due to Percy's ongoing treatment so inspired by them I decided to try and make a similar one for myself until such time as I can.  I just used some materials I had to hand and luckily already had the cardigan made, it just needed buttons and it fits so that was good.  I made him the shorts and scarf.

I'd like to get started on some ideas I have for Christmas gifts this week if time allows...but I may be just being far too optimistic!  We will see.  If I can't get them done this week, I don't think I will be able to. 

Monday 18 November 2019

An Invitation!

It is amazing how quickly time seems to roll by.  It is Peggy Sue's birthday on Saturday 23rd November, and as some may know she holds a 'virtual' birthday party each year which started on Ravelry and then her Facebook page.  Her friends are invited to 'attend' her birthday party and post pictures of the celebrations (photos can also be sent to me to post on the blog if you would like as well).  We often hold a 'real' party as well, but unfortunately can't do that this year which is a shame as it is always such fun catching up with the few friends who can attend in real life.  So a Virtual Party it is!  Of course this also means that Peggy Sue will expect a new birthday dress/outfit, so I am going to have to get cracking as hadn't given it a thought until today!  Last year's birthday party can be seen here:  Peggy Sue's Birthday Party

As it is a surprise birthday party this year...with Peggy Sue probably given up on expecting me to be organised enough for one...and the 'neglect' of her, Henry and her friends for a good chunk of the year...I haven't 'told' her yet, so there is no photo of her sending out an invitation to all.  

However, here is a photo from last year and the surprise she got with her birthday outfit...

She really did get quite spoiled last year!

We hope her friends can 'attend' and look forward to seeing photos on either their blogs, Peggy Sue's Facebook page, Ravelry, or receiving some via email.

Sunday 17 November 2019

Creative Week 28

Not a huge amount of knitting or sewing done this week as we have been busy with other things and in the evening when I would normally knit I have been doing some journalling instead.  

Hitty Mildred had a shawl knitted to match her dress.

I've been working on a Christmas Star quilt - the end pieces have since been sewn on, I just haven't done an updated photograph.  Now deciding how I want to finish it off.

NZ Girls Jill & Shirley have new cardigans.

Much better to be warm when exploring out in the garden.

I'd like to make a few more little cardigans for TRDs.

Hitty Morag also has a new cardigan.

My creative output is probably going to decrease over the next few weeks with the lead up to Christmas and various commitments etc that will occupy my time.  

I've also been thinking about what I want to do next year with the dolls etc...  In the New Year I'd like to get back into writing the Sasha & Gregor stories that I used to do.  I may even go back to posting those on my original Sasha blog, I'm not sure yet.  I really like just having the one main blog, it is much easier for me and I like to have it all in one place, but I also wonder if having a separate blog for them might help the focus.  Just food for thought at the moment. 

Sunday 10 November 2019

Creative Week 27

Most of my week has been taken up with my  A is for.... project which I have already shown so far... but I have also made: 

A little hen 

a black cat

Started a horse...I have since done some more work on this but haven't photographed it yet.

Knitted a squirrel dishcloth

Knitted several tiny cardigans (test knitting a pattern for a friend)

This is one of the cardigans I made - matching NZ Rose's dress.

Fuchsia Fairweather also got a cardigan.

Amelia models one of the cardigans.

Hitty Morag shows off the quilt I made her from the Winter Quilt Swap Squares I took part in.

Amelia how she looks as off last night with her new jacket.

I've also done some more work in my TRD Journal/Scrapbook.

I don't think this coming week is going to be so productive as we have a lot on, but we will see.