Sunday, 24 November 2019

Creative Week 29

Some different creativity this week, not quite so much knitting, but mostly sewing and some woodwork.

A little Penny Wooden doll, who  I made from scratch, just waiting on her features and hair.

A dress for Lindsey

A rabbit who currently is wearing borrowed clothes.

A bear called Lawrence. 

I've been admiring some bears on IG and Etsy but can't afford one at the moment due to Percy's ongoing treatment so inspired by them I decided to try and make a similar one for myself until such time as I can.  I just used some materials I had to hand and luckily already had the cardigan made, it just needed buttons and it fits so that was good.  I made him the shorts and scarf.

I'd like to get started on some ideas I have for Christmas gifts this week if time allows...but I may be just being far too optimistic!  We will see.  If I can't get them done this week, I don't think I will be able to. 

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