Who's Who - the Other Characters.

Brief descriptions (with links) to the other characters that live here at Rose Cottage.

Name:  Bobby (Originally Bobo)
Age:  11
Country of Origin:  Germany
Favourite Colour:  Blue
Favourite Food:
Where attends school: Home Educated
Best Friend:
Girlfriend:  Secretly holds a torch for Suzi - but is quite taken by Amy and has some hopes....
Siblings: Henry & Oliver (Ollie)
Favourite Animal: Guinea Pig
Pets: Guinea pig - Humphrey
Hobbies: He is now of the age where hobbies are less defined than before...
Favourite Toy:
Description of personality: A sweet natured lad who can be a bit bossy to his younger brothers at times, but also enjoys playing with them still...but for how much longer who knows?

Name: Hamish (Formally Robbie)
Age:  11
Country of Origin:  Germany
Favourite Colour: Green
Favourite Food:
Where attends school: Home Educated
Best Friend:
Siblings: Amy (his twin)
Cousins:  Rory, Claudius & Ginger George
Favourite Toy:
Description of personality: Rather a scally wag at times, Hamish is inclined to get up to a little bit of mischief at any opportunity.

Chester & Chips - Vintage Schuco Monkeys (Chester collar & squeaker.  Chips, Collar but no chain and felt ears instead of plastic?

Bernard Woolley:  Small Teddy Bear of Unknown Make.  Found in an 'old ladies handbag' in a charity shop.  Named after Bernard in Yes Prime Minister.  Is known for his pedantic ways.


Romeo - An Original Bear Factory Monkey who says 'I Love You'  He featured in 'One Object Thirty Day's Challenge in September 2016.  These posts can be seen here:

Days 1 - 7 
Days 8 - 14
Days 15 - 21
Days 22 - 30 

Descriptions still to come:


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