Sunday, 18 April 2021

Sewing Summary on Sunday

I've had a happy weekend doing a little sewing...

I made this little dress for Helen Blythe

During the week I made her a simple skirt and top.

Today I made Rose a pair of denim shorts and a little summery top

I took quite a few photos!


Wednesday, 14 April 2021

The Budding Photographer

After finding an 'old' Polaroid Instamatic camera...

Rose has decided she wants to become a photographer.

She has started taking photos already

She likes that she gets instant results with this camera.

Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Buying Dolls Just for Their Clothes

I've been watching a few YouTube videos lately, pretty much all doll related, and the other day I saw that a particular doll line had some fun clothes, and they were being sold ever so cheaply on Amazon.  Well when I saw the possibles of the clothing fitting some of my dolls, I thought why not give it a go - it was cheaper to buy these dolls with clothes on than by a pack of clothes or even make them which is what I normally do!

Two packages arrived

Out of the package, one had tissue paper wrapped round it, one didn't.

Flash boxes!  Front and back.  I have no idea who these people are. I am guessing some kind of boy band.  I actually have no real interest in finding out I have to confess, I just liked the clothes!

The dolls in their boxes.

Not sure what the poses are supposed to mean!

They both came with a stand.  Easy to take out of their boxes, the most difficult thing was their head as it was attached with plastic which was stuck in their head.  Why do they do this?

Out of the box.

The waist coat is what I was most interested in.

These trousers!

The shirt is nice too.   Oh and the bracelet has been nabbed by Helen Blythe.

Ooh ahh...

Their hair is pretty gross, all lacquered up.  

I washed the hair with soapy water and it looks better now. (But forgot to take after photos as I am not really interested in the dolls at all. They are a bit too girly looking to be boy dolls I would want to keep).  

But this waist coat!  So beautiful and well made, lined with press studs to close it.

The jacket a bit rumpled up, but again well made and lined.

Attention to detail with pockets

and little buttons.

The other jacket, also lined.  I will probably put some press studs on this, and maybe change the 'buttons' to the other side if they are removable.


Back of jacket.

I tried the waistcoat on Helen first and it fits nicely.

The trousers were too long though of course.

Kiwi Sindy tried it on next.

Lots of flowery stuff going on here.

She tried the shirt on and the trousers and they are a good fit.  The shirt sleeves a tad too long, but okay.

The waistcoat doesn't close on Kiwi Sindy.  

I will have to try on a barbie next to check the fit with her. 

I haven't tried the black trousers on another doll yet, but will do.  They will obviously fit Sindy, and I am guessing they will fit Barbie too.

Now who will the shoes fit?

Mini Kit suggested that Jake try them on.

He agreed the silver shoes were good, but he drew the line at trying the pink ones on!

Perhaps I will be able to paint them black or something?

I am guessing they would also fit Ken and perhaps Action Man dolls.  

So for a mere £5 each, I got some fabulous outfits!  The dolls, well, not sure what I will do with them, probably donate them to a charity shop at some stage.

For a £5 doll, I couldn't hardly believe how well they were packaged and the quality of the clothes! 

Thank you to Jay of Jay Dolls UK on You Tube for featuring this doll line that I would never have known about.  Like you, they were bought for the clothes rather than the dolls!  But at that price, well who could pass them up?!

Saturday, 10 April 2021

An Eclectic Shelf

I've had almost a whole day dedicated to faffing with dolls today. First time in a very long time.

Another shelf has been done and more dolls out of storage.  

Quite an eclectic group here, from my wooden Polish dolls, Perfekta dolls, Madeline dolls, a little Lottie doll, a Licca doll, Heartstrings dolls, Poppy & Thomas and of course along the front my Domos & two Uglies.  From left to right: Dougal Sunshine, Jeero, Sydney Sunshine, Dewey, Chessie, Dennis, Heart throb, Dexter, Icy and Darwin

The rest of the day I was working with the Hitty dolls and unpacking them and setting up their 'house', tearoom and boarding house.  Separate blog post here and here


Friday, 9 April 2021

Little Bee

Another short little post...

I found little Bee amongst the flowers today.

It was such a lovely day, she thought she would spend some time outside.