Tuesday 23 April 2024

Happy St George's Day

 Revisiting a post from 2012!  However the sentiment is just the same!

Henry threw himself into the whole St George's Day celebration today...donning himself in a pair of red and white shorts...although he grumbled about not having a plain red pair...and arming himself with a sword, posters and my ornamental dragon teapot.

What are you doing Henry?

I'm fighting the dragon Mum

I'm not sure a little dragon looks that convincing Henry!

But I look good with my sword don't I?

Yes indeed you do Henry, although I think you could probably do with some armour to go with that!

I made a shield Mum, but forgot to use it!

Oh well at least you will be prepared if you ever come across a big dragon.

Yikes! Henry exclaims as Mum wanders off and a HUGE dragon breathing fire swoops down...

I wish I hadn't forgot to wear my shield now, and I WISH Mum would hurry and make my suit of armour!

Fortunately Henry survives his encounter with the dragon to fight and play another day!

Happy St George's Day everyone!


Henry wishes everyone a Happy St George's Day and hopes no dragons need to be slayed today!

Happy St George's Day everyone!

Sunday 21 April 2024

Peggy Sue's New Doll

Peggy Sue is thrilled with her new little bedpost doll made by the lovely Astrid whom we have had several dolls from.

This little doll was a gift and Peggy Sue feels so lucky to have her.

She is making the most of the lovely sunshine we have had today.

Fortunately she doesn't feel the cold, as it is still a bit chilly! 


Friday 29 December 2023

Lines House Diary: Part Three

Back in October I was still working on my Lines Monstrosity as I was calling it...

Most of the inside has now been stripped

The state of the internal wood is pretty bad though (but I will let Granny point that out further down in this blog post)

It is difficult getting the paint off in places.  

I've still got to remove the fireplace

Getting there very slowly.

But making progress.


It seems that Granny and Grandpa Grecon had heard about a house for sale.

Grandpa armed with his ladder, with Granny in tow wanted to go and view it as soon as possible.

There it was nestled in the woods with wild gardens surrounding it.

Grandpa doesn't waste anytime at all!  He has the ladder up ready to inspect the externals of the house.

Granny stands on the little veranda wondering what on earth they are doing even considering it.

Unperturbed however  Grandpa is giving the windows a good looking over.

Hold the ladder steady my love, he calls out as he goes up to the first floor

Steady she goes...

He clambers up and inspects the windows up close.

Oh, she's got good bones, me love, he says.

Granny is still not convinced, and worries about him up the ladder.

Before she knows it he is up at the attic window, although the framing is missing.  

We best do something about this as quick as we can, Grandpa says.  We don't want any vermin coming inside...

Just come down please.  Granny says as she holds the ladder as Grandpa climbs down.

Oh, this place is a real gem.  He tells her...

Shall we look inside?

That would be a good idea.

They open the door

and in they go.

Granny is momentarily speechless!

Oh my!  She exclaims...

Oh my oh my!  she exclaims some more.

Just look at this!  There are great big gouges out of the walls.

Oh don't you be worrying about that Grandpa tells her.

But how on earth are we going to fix this?

Oh just leave it to me.  Grandpa tells Granny.  I can fix her up, she's got good bones you know.

Just look at this floor!  It's not even been finished before.  Looks like they just used a rough bit of old timber to make the floor.

Oh, I'll be able to fix that up, don't you be worrying yourself.

They look round the rest of the house...Granny is not at all convinced.  Grandpa is full of confidence.

She's got good bones you know love.  He tells her.  I will be able to fix her up just fine, you wait and see.

Granny is not at all certain.

But she does have to admit...

There is a certain charm about it.

Thus the house becomes known as 'Grandpa's Folly'.

But did he get it decorated in time for Christmas?


I am so far behind with blogging about this house, but have been recording the progress, or rather I should say Granny & Grandpa's progress on my Youtube Channel.  

Hopefully I will eventually get caught up on here too!


Sunday 24 December 2023

Advent 2023 - Day Twenty Four: Christmas Eve!


Christmas Eve and the Rose Hip Chicks are going to do a Christmas Performance...

They have had to sack their wardrobe crew though as their special Christmas waistcoats didn't get made...

So instead they had to borrow some for the Gregor lads.  Just as well!  Perhaps next year they will get ones to match their skirts and t shirts?

So they gather round to find the last door of the Calendar

They find a pretty Christmas tree behind the door.

The perfect end for the calendar

Thank you girls, I am sure we are going to enjoy your Christmas Carol concert later tonight.

Well that is the last of the Advent Calendar openings for this year.  I am not sure if I am going to do them anymore.  I have been doing them for twelve years now on my blogs since 2012,  starting on my 'Sewing for Sasha' blog, and I'm just not sure the interest in them is there anymore like it was at the beginning.  I think also I might have moved on from wanting to do them, it is a lot of work.  We will just have to wait and see what next year brings. 

We wish all our friends a wonderful Christmas.