Friday, 21 February 2020

Henry & Rory's Friday Afternoon.

Henry and Rory venture out in the garden briefly this afternoon, although it is pretty chilly.

The are looking at the new growth of the 'big broad leaf rhubarb type' plant.  

Henry says he is sure he knows the name, but will check with 'Mum' when he gets back inside.

Sadly the fish are no where to be seen and they hope they are still hibernating and not that the heron has got them!

Inside in the warm, Henry has forgotten all about asking about the name of the plant and instead they decide to do a puzzle.

They have chosen a three little pigs puzzle.

They tip the pieces out and sort them out.

These boys seem extremely good at holding their bodies off the floor....I'd be collapsed in a heap by now!

Pieces sorted out the puzzle is starting to take shape.

Rory is looking for pieces while Henry studies the picture to see what pieces he needs to find next.

I think it is too big at the moment Rory, and he help push it together a bit more.

That is better

The puzzle is nearly finished!

Good work lads, looks like you just need to fit the character pieces now.

Henry grabs the scarecrow.

Last two pieces.

Rory has the last piece in the puzzle.

He spends a bit of time chatting to Henry about it.

Prolonging the finishing of the puzzle.

The final piece is in and Rory admires it from his resting place.

Suddenly he leaps up with the enthusiasm and springiness that youngsters seem to possess.

Ta da!  It is finished!  He declares in a not so quiet voice!

Three little pigs complete with butterflies and flowers.

So what shall we do now?  Henry asks Rory.

Wednesday, 19 February 2020

A Sasha Morning - Sasha Girls.

 I've spent a few hours with the Sasha girls today.  Helping them decide what they want to wear, and what their various roles are.  Some of the girls will remain 'in character' and others will take part in more day to day life/active roles.

The Rose Hip Chicks have two new members.  Molly and Stevie left the group as they couldn't stand the hectic schedule they were leading, and so Cora and Ziva have joined the group...they are currently on trial to see how they get on. (Previously seen at the Music Festival here:  A Summer Music Festival)

They just need to sort out their instruments now...although primarily a vocal group, they do like to add a bit of instrumentation or percussion to their sound.

Emily is wearing one of her favourite dresses she got at one of the USA Sasha Festivals.  I see she has her hand caught in the ribbon in these two photos!  Molly, who found music life most stressful in part due to her age, is relieved to not be in the limelight and has happily chosen one of the first dresses I made to wear.  It is always a firm favourite amongst the girls.

Charlotte and Erica Michelle, represent Mini Me and my Sister in dresses I modelled on identical dresses my mother made for my sister and I in the very early seventies.   I made these for one of the Sasha Festival Dress a Sasha competitions.

Sally is wearing one of the school uniforms I made for the first Sasha Festival I went to in the UK at Stratford Upon Avon in 2012.

Alice is wearing one of the farm girl outfits I made quite a few years ago now.

Stevie, also relieved not to be involved in the band (despite her namesake!) has gone back to wearing her beloved favourite outfit.  Can you tell she likes shades of purple?!

Sophia is my model, and is currently just wearing a sensible warm dress.

Everlee Rose, who is one of the girls who will be playing a more active role in Rose Cottage Life, is wearing a jumper/sweater I knitted a few years ago and a skirt that we got from one of the Sasha events in the UK.

Summer, ever hopeful that the season summer is approaching (despite the weather!) is wearing a New Zealand themed dress I made featuring Kowhai flowers.

They've now gone back on their shelves.

Not the best photos, I might try with my other camera later, and if better, will replace these photos.

Saturday, 15 February 2020

A Different Perspective

Sometimes taking a fresh approach, or viewing something a little differently is all it takes....I've been trying to sell this course doll for months to help raise funds for Percy's chemo treatment and he hasn't sold. 

Today I decided to put him in something quite different - a dress!  Viola, a new doll is born!  I think she looks lovely in this, it seems to suit her colouring.  I will try and find some little hair clips and see what they look like as well.

I might have to keep her! Oh and come up with a new name!  I think I might call her Jennifer.  

 I'll have to choose one of my other Course Sasha dolls to sell instead now!

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

A Few for Wednesday

I'm not quite sure why Peggy Sue thinks she is exhausted, but that is what she told me today when I caught her on the chaise lounge.

The Schoenhut gang are out of storage at last!  Good to have them out again.  I have missed them.

Howard has been for a couple of lovely walks.

Enjoying the sounds and views of the sea.