Monday, 18 November 2019

An Invitation!

It is amazing how quickly time seems to roll by.  It is Peggy Sue's birthday on Saturday 23rd November, and as some may know she holds a 'virtual' birthday party each year which started on Ravelry and then her Facebook page.  Her friends are invited to 'attend' her birthday party and post pictures of the celebrations (photos can also be sent to me to post on the blog if you would like as well).  We often hold a 'real' party as well, but unfortunately can't do that this year which is a shame as it is always such fun catching up with the few friends who can attend in real life.  So a Virtual Party it is!  Of course this also means that Peggy Sue will expect a new birthday dress/outfit, so I am going to have to get cracking as hadn't given it a thought until today!  Last year's birthday party can be seen here:  Peggy Sue's Birthday Party

As it is a surprise birthday party this year...with Peggy Sue probably given up on expecting me to be organised enough for one...and the 'neglect' of her, Henry and her friends for a good chunk of the year...I haven't 'told' her yet, so there is no photo of her sending out an invitation to all.  

However, here is a photo from last year and the surprise she got with her birthday outfit...

She really did get quite spoiled last year!

We hope her friends can 'attend' and look forward to seeing photos on either their blogs, Peggy Sue's Facebook page, Ravelry, or receiving some via email.

Sunday, 17 November 2019

Creative Week 28

Not a huge amount of knitting or sewing done this week as we have been busy with other things and in the evening when I would normally knit I have been doing some journalling instead.  

Hitty Mildred had a shawl knitted to match her dress.

I've been working on a Christmas Star quilt - the end pieces have since been sewn on, I just haven't done an updated photograph.  Now deciding how I want to finish it off.

NZ Girls Jill & Shirley have new cardigans.

Much better to be warm when exploring out in the garden.

I'd like to make a few more little cardigans for TRDs.

Hitty Morag also has a new cardigan.

My creative output is probably going to decrease over the next few weeks with the lead up to Christmas and various commitments etc that will occupy my time.  

I've also been thinking about what I want to do next year with the dolls etc...  In the New Year I'd like to get back into writing the Sasha & Gregor stories that I used to do.  I may even go back to posting those on my original Sasha blog, I'm not sure yet.  I really like just having the one main blog, it is much easier for me and I like to have it all in one place, but I also wonder if having a separate blog for them might help the focus.  Just food for thought at the moment. 

Sunday, 10 November 2019

Creative Week 27

Most of my week has been taken up with my  A is for.... project which I have already shown so far... but I have also made: 

A little hen 

a black cat

Started a horse...I have since done some more work on this but haven't photographed it yet.

Knitted a squirrel dishcloth

Knitted several tiny cardigans (test knitting a pattern for a friend)

This is one of the cardigans I made - matching NZ Rose's dress.

Fuchsia Fairweather also got a cardigan.

Amelia models one of the cardigans.

Hitty Morag shows off the quilt I made her from the Winter Quilt Swap Squares I took part in.

Amelia how she looks as off last night with her new jacket.

I've also done some more work in my TRD Journal/Scrapbook.

I don't think this coming week is going to be so productive as we have a lot on, but we will see.  

Saturday, 9 November 2019

A Room Box

During the week I found a 'new' wooden box in a local charity shop for £1.49   These types of boxes are usually quite pricey for what they are.  I've wanted something similar for ages, so when I saw this I thought it would work well for the project I have in mind. 

Some of the TRDs tried it out for size this afternoon.

The little holes at the side I will turn into 'windows' and make up some scenery type pictures to go in them.  

Petunia has suggested to Clipper that they go shopping for some items needed in the recipes...I think she must be hungry!  Amelia is simply relaxing.

Rose is happy to see the possibilities this little room box holds.

Friday, 8 November 2019

Friday Nature Walk

Amelia enjoyed a little stroll in the garden now she has some shoes to wear.

She said hello to a giant toad or was it a frog?

and posed for a photo to show her new cardigan and shoes.

Thursday, 7 November 2019

A is for... Amelia Amborella

Some people in a group I belong to are taking part in a challenge based on this book:

At first I couldn't decide whether to make a new doll for this challenge or use an existing one... as it turned out I made a new doll - featured in yesterday's post.   I had a lovely evening to myself so I worked on her features and and gave her a few accessories.

Earrings and a necklace, plus a little heart embroidered on her chest.

These pantaloons had already been made, but were going spare. I made these when in NZ with some fabric from my Mum's old  sewing work box.  There wasn't much left, but this was just perfect for making pantaloons from being a very soft muslin type fabric.

This dress had already been made and was going spare - I made two as this one was too long for the doll I had originally planned it for, but is perfect for her.

Her name is Amelia Amborella, continuing the plant theme that most of my dolls have.  Amborella is a small evergreen shrub and you can find more information about it on Wikipedia.

A  is for Amelia Amborella

D is for Dress/es

E is for Earrings

N is for Necklace

P is for Pantaloons

I have a whole list of other ideas for items I plan to make for her.  Shoes will be the next priority, as she'd like to go outside to explore!

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

A New Project.

A new TRD in the making.  

I haven't felt like making one for a while, but today that feeling has gone and I have started a new girl with striped stockings.  I wanted to make a TRD with stripes on her legs for ages.  My last was a Raggedy Anne look alike that I made back in 2016 and she can be seen by clicking HERE

Subtle stripes, not too dark.  I was going to do red, but decided to go for a pale green in the end. I am hoping this will go with more colours.  I may still make one at some stage with red stripes, I am undecided.

Planning her out in my TRD Journal.

While I was doing this, Clipper took Petunia out in the garden as it was such a lovely day...

Petunia was excited to find a flower in bud that was the exact same colour as her top, shawl and patterning in her skirt.  She is looking forward to it coming out in bloom properly.