Tuesday 31 July 2018

A Photo a Day in July: Mini Luciana

I did another photo a day challenge this month with Mini AG Luciana.

This is the last photo for the month that doesn't fit in the mosaic.  I thought it quite apt as Mini Luciana is interested in space exploration.

The photos for the month:

For some reason my heart wasn't quite in with doing this this month, hence why there were no updates on my blog.  This is for various reasons, but I did complete it so that is something.

Monday 30 July 2018

Looking back in time: Anne-Marie's Arrival.

An old post copied to this blog as a reminder of when my very first Schoenhut doll arrived.

Monday, 24 September 2012

My Schoenhut Miss Dolly

After falling in love with a blogger friend's Schoenhut 'Miss Dolly', I decided I really wanted one to add to my doll collection.  I liked the fact that she is completely made of wood, china and porcelain dolls worry me as I would be scared to handle them in case they broke, and I really want my dolls to be more than just display dolls.  Of course I am supposed to be cutting down on my dolls and stopping my doll purchases, but she was bought from the US on Ebay before I had my reality check!  She has finally arrived today after a long time...stuck in customs!  Their exorbitant fees now paid she is finally home.  

First impressions are...

I'm really pleased I have her she is everything I thought she would be and more.  She feels really good in my hands and arms and has a good weight.  She requires some work, but I knew that when I bought her.  I would never have been able to afford and justify one in minty condition.  I always think wear adds character to a doll anyway, I like to think it shows how much they have been loved in the past.  She has an old replacement human hair wig that I am hoping will tidy up nicely.  I will have to read up on how to care for such a wig.  I will also have to find out how to remove some of the paint to her body as she has been poorly repainted.

My husband thinks she is horrible unfortunately, but then he is a confirmed Sasha & Gregor doll lover, although he probably wouldn't appreciate me writing that!  Of all the dolls I have had and currently have, Sasha and Gregor are the only dolls he has liked.  Henry being his favourite of course.

She is wearing a vintage nightgown, again not original to her, but it is nicely handmade and with a careful wash should come up looking lovely and crisp.  She brought her little wooden doll with her which is signed on the bottom, although I can't quite make out the signature...looks like it starts with Bob... something.

She hasn't told me her name yet, but I am sure that will come as I start to clean her up and work on her.  

I know she wouldn't be everyone's 'cup of tea', but I am really glad I have her, and she will be a keeper for sure.  I liked and admired her from when I first saw her photo on Evilbay and kept going back to look at her.  She had been the only one to really draw my eye, so I do feel like she is meant to be mine.

Friday 27 July 2018

Five on Friday

On my group 'The Schoenhut Cafe' we have a themed 'Five on Friday' and this week I chose to post pictures of my five 'non-Miss Dolly' Schoenhut girls. 

Five of my Schoenhut girls on a Friday - I had plans to set up a proper 'posed' photo, but we have had the decorator in and I couldn't access my dolls until he had left, and then it promptly started raining - first time in weeks.  However, although it didn't last long, it was a bit wet to take them out, so here they are 'posing' in a row.

From left to right:

'Janice' (16/101), 'Rebekah Grace' (14/105), 'Astrid' (16/307), 'Florence' (14/313) and Clara (16/301)

If I'd planned it out better I might have had them all dressed in blue, but quite obviously didn't!

Sunday 22 July 2018

Peggy Sue in the Garden.

Peggy Sue enjoyed inspecting the Sailor's garden yesterday.

She admired the tomatoes and is looking forward to them ripening.

The sunflowers have seen better days, but there was a new one coming along nicely

She climbed a tree.

Admired the new bean flowers

Behind her you can see some beans growing nicely which will soon be ready to be picked.

Today she was spotted near the pond with Frog.

Looks like she is day dreaming for sure.

Friday 20 July 2018

Home on Leave

Looks like someone has arrived home.

Matthias can't wait to catch up with all the news.

I bet the other kids will be pleased to see him.

Wednesday 18 July 2018

A Book Arrives.

Peggy Sue was thrilled when this book arrived today - it has been a very long time coming.  I was originally going to collect it when I went to the Sasha Festival this year, but as I had to cancel going in the end my dear friend posted it to me.  

We are looking forward to reading through it.

Still my favourite girl, she looks good in green gingham.

Tuesday 17 July 2018

Hoping for a Ride.

Rebekah Grace and Peggy Sue are trying to go for a ride on Push-a-Long Dog (who is waiting patiently for a name!)  

But to no avail...before long Rebekah Grace gets bored with pretending and goes inside to see if any of the other boys or girls want to play with her.

Peggy Sue's patience however is rewarded when along comes Big Betsy who happily provides the pushing power!

Whee...this is fun,  Peggy Sue calls out.

Monday 16 July 2018

Some New Postcards.

What are you doing Henry?  Lewis asks.

It is time to update my postcard album Lewis.  Henry says.

You've got some great new cards.  Lewis tells him.

Yes, I've got this one from Minnesota, from the Gregoropolis Gang and those two near your come from Hans' and Angelo's Dad Jesse from his trip to Europe.  Aren't they interesting?  Henry says.

Lewis helps Henry put his cards away.

I think this one is such fun with the fabric skirt on the front.  Henry tells Lewis.

Lewis agrees.

I've actually got to get some postcards sent as well. Henry says to Lewis.  I got them while on the Isle of Wight and when we were down in Cornwall.  I must try and do that this week.

The boys wander off to see if they can find the 'safe place' that the cards have been put in.

Sunday 15 July 2018

A Parcel from Afar.

Wow, look a parcel for us!  Henry says.

Emily is already armed with the scissors.

The girls are gathered round to have a look at the big box waiting to be opened.

It has come the USA.  Henry says. How exciting.  I can't wait to see what is inside it.

Do you think it is another family or friend arriving? Everlee asks.

I don't think so.  Henry replies, it doesn't look the right shape.

Come on let's see.

Emily starts opening the package while the others lean in eagerly to see what it might contain.

Oh gosh, look it is full to the brim.  Everlee says. 

Ooh, I felt bag - I like this colour.  Summer says.  I wonder what is in it?

Everlee looks at Summer.  Perhaps it is something to wear?

I hope so. Summer replies.

They start looking through the box.

A hat! Exclaims Henry.  Just what I need.

Suits you Henry.  Everlee says.

Ooh, look a jar of Maple Syrup.  Emily says.

How wonderful.  I can do some baking with this.

They spread out the goodies received and are absolutely thrilled.

Emily has some wild rice to cook and some Maple Syrup to add to some cookies. 

Henry has a hat and some building logs.  

Peggy Sue reads the postcard.

Everlee admires the lovely cardigan and hat.

Summer has claimed a felt bag with an outfit in it (shown in the previous post which SHOULD have come AFTER this one!  I got the posts round the wrong way.)

So what do you say?

Hooray, three cheers and a very big thank you to Daddy Steve and John, BR, Pete Dakota, and Stephen Orange who went to the Sasha Festival and the rest of the Gregoropolis Friends.  They all call out and cheer. 
 Hopefully you could hear it over there! They certainly tried their best and loudest.

We LOVE our souvenirs and thank you so much for your kindness which helps ease the disappointment of having to cancel our trip to see you and go to the Sasha Festival. 

Saturday 14 July 2018

A Sunny Saturday.

Three girls were enjoying the great outdoors today.  The weather is still gloriously hot and we are all lapping it up while it lasts.  It seems so long (years in fact!) since we have had  real proper and decent summer, so we are certainly making the most of it while it is here.

Maddison and Everlee are joined by Summer who is wearing a fabulous 2018 Sasha Festival Outfit kindly sent to the Rose Cottage Family by Steve, John and their Gregoropolis Gang.  

They both admire the outfit and what a great fit it is.  The girls discuss what to do this fine Saturday afternoon...

They decide to go for a walk.

Much chit chat is going on between Maddison and Summer, whilst Everlee strolls on ahead.

Come on girls, keep up.  She says. Let's find some shade.

Once in the shade, Everlee tells them all about her latest news.

Once they have caught up with all the news about the goings on here and elsewhere, they sit and just enjoy listening to the birds for a while and decide what they might want to do this afternoon.

I think they all came to the same conclusion, having an ice cream sounded like a great idea!

Sunday 8 July 2018

Finding a Cool Spot.

With this amazing hot weather we are having at the moment, it is a hunt to find somewhere cool in the garden to sit or play.  

Peggy Sue and Lewis had the right idea today and spent some time by the nature pond.

Lewis sat and watched the frogs popping their heads up and down in the pond.

Peggy Sue sat on her swing.

She is still in a bit of a sulk with me after I packed her clothes and took them away with me to the IOW but forgot to take her!