Saturday, 14 July 2018

A Sunny Saturday.

Three girls were enjoying the great outdoors today.  The weather is still gloriously hot and we are all lapping it up while it lasts.  It seems so long (years in fact!) since we have had  real proper and decent summer, so we are certainly making the most of it while it is here.

Maddison and Everlee are joined by Summer who is wearing a fabulous 2018 Sasha Festival Outfit kindly sent to the Rose Cottage Family by Steve, John and their Gregoropolis Gang.  

They both admire the outfit and what a great fit it is.  The girls discuss what to do this fine Saturday afternoon...

They decide to go for a walk.

Much chit chat is going on between Maddison and Summer, whilst Everlee strolls on ahead.

Come on girls, keep up.  She says. Let's find some shade.

Once in the shade, Everlee tells them all about her latest news.

Once they have caught up with all the news about the goings on here and elsewhere, they sit and just enjoy listening to the birds for a while and decide what they might want to do this afternoon.

I think they all came to the same conclusion, having an ice cream sounded like a great idea!


  1. What a gorgeous outfit, and how kind of the boys (and girls) from Gregoropolis to send it to you! But the other two also look very pretty in their summer dresses. I love the strong colours in Maddison's outfit.
    Ice cream always is a good idea these days. To be honest, I could do with a less proper summer....

  2. The girls all look lovely. There is indeed nothing better than a stroll and an ice cream on a warm summer day.


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