Sunday 8 July 2018

Finding a Cool Spot.

With this amazing hot weather we are having at the moment, it is a hunt to find somewhere cool in the garden to sit or play.  

Peggy Sue and Lewis had the right idea today and spent some time by the nature pond.

Lewis sat and watched the frogs popping their heads up and down in the pond.

Peggy Sue sat on her swing.

She is still in a bit of a sulk with me after I packed her clothes and took them away with me to the IOW but forgot to take her!  


  1. It's very hot here too. Looks like those two have found a cool and inviting spot to relax and take it easy. Sorry you missed out on the holiday, Peggy Sue. Sometimes grown-ups can be a bit absent minded. At least you have a well traveled wardrobe!

  2. It has been a hot summer here. Love your doll set up.


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