Nancy Ann Storybook Doll Collection

A small bisque doll that I collect are the Nancy Ann Story Book Dolls from the 1930s and 1940s.  I also have a few of the later plastic dolls as well.  This is purely a collection, I don't 'play' with these, they live in a vintage China cabinet.   

Gradually hope to introduce each one and who they are, so do check back on this page every now and again if you are interested.

Monday's Child (No. 180, Fixed Leg, Bisque)

Saturday's Child - Works hard for a living... (Bisque)

Colonial Dame  (No. 56, Fixed leg, bisque)

Little Bo Peep (No. 153, Fixed Leg, Bisque)

Rio Rita (No. 310 Operatic Series, Fixed Leg Bisque)

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