Thursday 31 August 2017

The Blonde Bombshells - Part Three

The final part of my 'Blonde Bombshells' posts.

Charlotte is one of the three dolls that my husband bought me when we went to visit Shelly or Sasha Doll UK back in 2011.  She is my 'mini me' and wearing a dress I made for the 'Dress A Sasha' competition at the 2013 Sasha Festival


Harlequin 184A  is one of six Limited Edition dolls produced by Trendon.  She is from 1984 and again has been with me several years now.


Pintucks 182A is one of my favourite Limited Edition dolls made in 1982.  I had to get this lovely lady after Henry hosted 'Pinny' back in 2013.  You can see her holiday here:  Holidays with Henry


My last blonde Sasha is another Limited Edition doll 'Princess Sasha' 186A of which she is no. 28 of only 350 produced in 1986 as the factory was closing.  She was meant to be the sister to the Prince. She has a human hair wig.  I have taken two rather unflattering pictures of her as she is Mint in Box, and I am too scared to take her out - most unlike me, my dolls get played with generally.  However, I bought her a few years ago now from Brenda Walton brand new and as such wanted to keep her this way.  

I took these two pictures with my little handheld camera and for some reason it seems to distort the faces of the dolls somehow.  But it was what I had to hand to add this girl to this post as I didn't want to take her outside to photograph.


I hope you have enjoyed my series of posts featuring my blonde girls.

Wednesday 30 August 2017

The Blonde Bombshells - Part Two

The first three 'Blonde Bombshells' to be introduced today are all wearing dresses designed and made by myself back in 2012.  (Actually the vibrant one may have been made a bit later).  They are made with New Zealand fabrics that I brought back with me after visiting my parents.

Everlee Rose Morgan is my 'newest' Sasha girl in terms of how long she has lived here.  She used to belong to a friend of mine and when she decided she wanted to sell her....well it would have been 'rude' not to!  She, like my original Sasha, is a 1974 Pumpkin String girl.  This girl has amazingly soft hair.


Weaver is a tiny eyed blonde side part girl from 1969 and has been with me since 2013


Alice my sweet full centre part girl has also been with me since 2012.   She is 1969 Kilt girl.


My gorgeous Meredith is a 1966/7 NP I wrote about her here:  The Delectable Meredith


Jane is a lovely 1971 Blonde Gingham girl.  I think she has been with me since around 2014.


You could be forgiven for thinking this is Jane, it isn't, it is Victoria who is also a 1971 Blue Gingham girl who arrived to me back in 2012 Mint in Tube - she still smells brand new!

Tuesday 29 August 2017

Tea for Two Tuesday

It has been two months since I have posted a 'Tea for Two Tuesday'.  

Today two congenial bears met for a cup of tea and a cake.

Brodie is in awe of McKenzie and listens to all he has to say...

After all, McKenzie LOOKS wise and wonderful.

Brodie is looking forward to eating his slice of chocolate cake.

McKenzie is rather parched and looking forward to his cup of tea.

Tea for Two on Tuesday for Two Terrific Teddies.

The Blonde Bombshells...Part One.

The blonde Sasha dolls have to be my favourite, or at least going by how many of them that live here at Rose Cottage, that MUST be the case.  Over the years I have ended up with a lovely collection of beautiful dolls.  Continuing with my theme of re-introducing them, (having started with The Gotz Gang a month ago), there will be three posts over the next three days featuring the Trendon Blonde Bombshells of Rose Cottage!

Sasha was my first Sasha doll, hence her name!  She left me for a year or so, but then I saw her up for sale again (actually she was sold on not long after I originally sold, her but at that stage I couldn't get her back) and just had to have her back so she didn't have to keep moving home. She is a member of the 'Rose Hip Chicks' who performed at the Summer Music Festival last year.

She has a blue neck ring which dates her to around 1974 by my understanding and came wearing a blue gingham dress.


Little Sally came to live with me in 2011 from Ted Menton in the USA.  She is from 1972 and has the lovely wide face.  She too came wearing her blue gingham dress.


Stevie has had an adventure with someone else as well...she came to live with me in 2011 and was dressed in a Blue Cord dress.  She is I believe from around the early seventies as well, certainly before 1974.  I originally called her Serena due to her lovely serene expression, but when she went to live with my friend Jocelyn, she changed her name to Stevie, and it only seemed right that she kept this name.  She especially loves the colour purple, although isn't overly keen on dresses. 


Susan is a 'Sweater Girl' from 1982/83.  She came from Suzanna Lewis in the USA.  


Now Sophia has to be one of my prettiest Sasha dolls.  She has the lovely wide face and is from about 1971 I would guess.  She has been with me since 2014 I think it is.  She is definitely a model in her own right and modelled a lot of the clothes that were given as a donation to the 2015 Sasha Festival by Trish.


Sarah is a beautiful NP Sasha from 1967.  She has also been with me since 2014 I think.  I really need to check dates!


These six girls all appeared on my Doll and Bear ABC Challenge page. I  am all over the place with this having got behind!

S is for....

Sally, Sasha, Sophia, Stevie, Sarah & Susan, Six Splendid Sasha Sweethearts in their Smocked Summer Dresses Standing in the Sunshine on a Sunday.

All the dresses are made by my friend Kath Barnett of Australia.

Friday 25 August 2017

Fashion on Friday

How can Friday be here again and so quickly??

Not a lot done this week - not an especially good week for me.  

I made my little Bleutte girl 'Patti' and dress - she has been waiting quite some time for one!

She is pretty pleased with the result and is looking forward to some more dresses.

I've been trying not to do any knitting as I have a sore left thumb, but it is hard not to knit - I don't know what to do with my hands in the evening if I don't!  

Lewis decided he quite liked this fun sweater I made...

...he declared it perfect to wear when walking in the garden...

...where he met up with one of my Robin Rive Bears 'McKenzie'.  

Thursday 24 August 2017

Henry's Postcard Album.

Someone was busy today..

Looks like Henry was doing one of his puzzle post cards.

Henry and Laura often exchange postcards, and especially puzzle ones when they can find them.  

This is one Henry received some time ago.  He enjoyed putting it together again and re-reading the adventures of Laura and Edmund.  

Henry's postcard album arrived today, so he kept this made up to put in his new album.  Now he just has to remember where he put his other puzzle postcards!

In the meantime he has put this postcard, and the postcards received from the Gregoropolis boys, and Laura from her recent trip to the USA in his album.

He enjoys showing Lewis his album and tells him all about his cards.

Henry tries to send postcards to friends every time he goes on holiday, so is thrilled when he receives some. 

It is a great way to learn about other parts of the world.  He tells Lewis.