Friday 26 May 2017

Fashion on Friday

Not much to report on the knitting and sewing front since my last 'Fashion on Friday' a fortnight ago.

Before we left for Devon I managed to finish a second jacket for Lewis.

I quite like this colour on him and was pleased with how the yarn knitted up.  I changed the body of the jacket to a standard stocking stitch.

Here he is looking out at the garden the day after we got home - the grass had grown very tall while we had been away - it was a bit like a jungle.

Of course now the weather is finally warming up, he is going to be desperate for some summer wear, so I am hopefully going to try and get something made this following week.

The only other thing I have made over the last fortnight is this little red dress for Madeline to go with her new red boots. 

Madeline is building up quite a collection of boots it seems, which will be shown at some stage in another post.

Have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday 24 May 2017

A Wet Week in Devon.

Are you sure you can see over the steering wheel Madeline?

Day One - a lovely sunny afternoon...

Madeline enjoys stacking rocks at Westward Ho!

Appledore on a lovely Sunday afternoon.

Anchors Aweigh.

Day Two:  Grey, Wet and Foggy...

although it cleared up for about an hour...

Hippo came as well.

Fortunately Madeline was prepared for the rain!

Day Three:  Wet again

Indoor adventures at Watermouth Castle.

This chap didn't mind being wet!

Henry blogged about his day at Watermouth Castle here.

Day Four:  Wet!

Day Five - Overcast with some sun - seems Madeline didn't venture out on this day instead it was a day for the dogs to enjoy some time on the beach at Woolacombe.

Day Six - Sunny!    Yippee!  Of course it was typical for our last day to be sunny!  A visit to Lynton & Lynmouth.

Madeline wasn't sure she was going to trust the weather though and as it was a little chilly she kept her coat on for the first part of the day.

Wonderful views from Lyton down to Lynmouth

Finally it was warm by late afternoon.

Madeline enjoyed a walk to Watersmeet.

Monday 22 May 2017

Schoenhut Series - Astrid

A series of posts focusing on my my lovely Schoenhut family as not all of them have ever really been formally introduced properly.  Once they have all been introduced, I will update my Schoenhut Family page.  

Starting with Astrid, a very rare model, this doll is a Graziano smooth-eyed character Schoenhut,  Model 16/307  (Made May 1911 - April 1912)

Her dress and stockings were made by the lady I purchased her from.

Friday 12 May 2017

Fashion on Friday

I have actually managed to get some sewing done!  My productivity is a little slow at the moment.

This Daisy Kingdom panel has been sitting in my stash for a while, so I decided yesterday that I would make it.  It looked simple enough but the instructions weren't the easiest to understand as it turns out!  But in the end, I am happy with the result.

It looks really sweet on Pansy and the fit is perfect.

Other makes so far this month include:

A beret to match this cardigan.  (I actually made two of these berets as one was for an order)

This little set is now in my Etsy Shop, MurielMakes

I made a dress for Tui which was shown in an earlier post.

I knitted a jacket for Lewis...especially as it was so cold when he first arrived.

Little Madeline didn't go neglected... after a couple of failed attempts (my sewing machine and I were not on speaking terms for a while!) I made this dress.

Lastly I knitted this pale green dress for her.

I have another jacket for Lewis 'on the needles'.  Currently working on the sleeves so it is nearly finished.

Thursday 11 May 2017

Thankful Thursday!

Madeline is extremely thankful for now having a toilet...there are several reasons for this.

She can now relieve herself when necessary.

It is amazing how we can take this function for granted.

She is thankful for its flush facility.

She washes her hands after using the toilet.

Another reason she is thankful for having the toilet is that she can now stock up on food!

Why food you may ask?

Well it is a known fact that 'what goes in, usually comes out'  so she has been unable to eat so far, or at least not very often for fear of not being able to use the bathroom!

She can't wait to stock up her fridge with lots of lovely goodies.

Of course having a stocked fridge will also mean she can entertain more.

Madeline loves to have friends come to visit

She has a new friend and looks forward to spending some time with her.

They were very thankful they could get out in the garden today.

The sun was shining and the sky was blue, which always makes everything seem so much brighter.

Much to be thankful for.

Wednesday 10 May 2017

Back to the Boys!

Wednesday morning has dawned lovely and sunny - yeah for some blue sky - it has been quite dull and grey the last few days.

Of course the boys couldn't wait to get out into the garden, and were surprised to meet another lad wandering around.

Henry introduces himself and Donny to the new boy, Lewis and asks him if he would like to join them.  Naturally Lewis was keen to make new friends.

The wander off down the garden towards the pond.

There are a lot of twigs on the ground!  Henry explains it is the naughty but playful puppy that has littered the garden with sticks.  Lewis volunteers to help them pick them all up later.

At the pond they are disappointed to see it is looking pretty murky.

Donny starts pocking it with a stick...wondering if anything is actually in there.

Henry warns him to be careful and not to fall in, as the water doesn't look particularly clean.  Looks like another job that needs to be done in the garden - cleaning out the pond and refilling and restocking it.

A little later...

The boys are seen up a tree.

Henry tells both Donny and Lewis about the Tree House and the fun they have had with it in the past.  They all decide it must be time to resurrect it and maybe even form a little club.

Donny thinks that would be a great idea...

He becomes lost in thought...

It is a lot of fun being at one with nature.

Hang on a minute, where have the other two got to?  He suddenly realises Henry and Lewis have climbed down from the tree.

Henry asks Lewis what he would like to do for the rest of the day.

Lewis doesn't mind and is open to suggestions.

How about we see if we can move those blue planters that have been moved onto 'our' space while I was in New Zealand.  Henry suggests.