Tuesday 31 March 2020

Bellamy's Solitary Wanderings - End of March

Bellamy has enjoyed his solitary wanderings these last two days of March 2020.  

Yesterday he found another 'Path Closed' sign... he'd love to explore, but he is a good little bear that so far obeys signs.

This morning he did some contemplating

Some beach combing for treasures...

...and was delighted to find a fossil.

Monday 30 March 2020

Blue Monday Madeline

Madeline has chosen a blue outfit to wear today while wandering around in the garden.

Newly made jeans and shirt.  

Sunday 29 March 2020

Bellamy's Solitary Weekend Wanderings and Gail Wilson Kit Set - Part Four

Yesterday Bellamy's wanderings only took him as far as into the garden...

He inspected the new growth in the glass house and was pleased to see the seedlings sprouting.

He admired a primrose in the lawn.  Most of them are yellow, but this one is pink.

Today he went for a long early morning walk.

There are various spots along the coastal path that have signs like this...where erosion has washed away the path.  Fortunately most have alternative ways to walk.


I worked on the underwear for my little doll today.

She is pleased to have something to protect her modesty.

I have named her Caroline, after my friend Caro, who sadly died a few years ago.  Her friend kindly sent me this kit amongst others that Caro had bought but never got round to making.

I have an outfit to make her next.

Saturday 28 March 2020

Sewing on Saturday & Gail Wilson Kit Set - Part Three

Today I made the little outfit that I got given for my birthday for my Sasha baby Natalie that I found in the charity shop just before Christmas last year.

I'm really pleased with how it made up.

This is an original Sasha Cloth Kit sewing set.

Natalie seems pleased with the outfit as well.

I also worked on the body for my Gail Wilson Kit set doll.

It was quite difficult, but I finally got it made.

I will work on her clothes tomorrow.

Friday 27 March 2020

Bellamy's Solitary Wanderings on Friday.

Bellamy's solitary wanderings took him through the woods today...

...where he spotted new growth and marvelled at nature.

He sat on a ledge for a while and admired the view from up high.

He wishes all a very good weekend.

Thursday 26 March 2020

Bellamy's Solitary Wanderings

Bellamy has been enjoying going on his solitary wanderings...

He discovered the doorway to a fairy house, but didn't find any fairies at home.

He loved the shingle each and watching the waves.

A spot of sunbathing was needed to soak up some vitamin D.

Wave watching

and quiet contemplation.

Time to just 'be'. 

Wandering through the woods.

At home with his first treasure he found on the beach this morning.  A bit of blue willow plate by the looks of things.  He wonders about the people who may have used it many many years ago and what they might have eaten.  

Monday 23 March 2020

Peggy Sue the Gardener

This wood pile will need to be moved if we want to extend the vegetable garden planting area.  

Now what shall we do with it?

Just look at it all.

Perhaps it could be moved over here?

It would probably fit in this gap?

Peggy Sue holds her arms out for size.

Or this might be better?

Then you wouldn't necessarily have to dig this old piece of carpet up?

What do you think?

Time for dinner?

We will work on the garden tomorrow.

Saturday 21 March 2020

Saturday Catch Up & Gail Wilson Kit Set - Part Two

A bit of a catch up post....I realised I hadn't posted further photos of the Gail Wilson Doll Kit I am working on.

I started painting the boots and hair...

I finally plucked up the courage to do the eyes and lips

Although when I uploaded the photo I realised that the lips are much rougher than my glasses led me to believe!  So she has kind of come to a bit of standstill.  I need to do her cheeks and then 'antique' her, and it is this next stage that is causing me a bit of hesitation.

The boots have their 'buttons'.

I received Fuggler from my friend Sharlyn for my birthday yesterday

He was pleased to escape his box and informed me immediately that his name is Richard - Go figure?

It seems he is enjoying a joke with Peggy Sue.

They seem to be currently inseparable.

Frog has been on a few outings with me.

I thought I had a few more photos than these but must have taken them with my phone rather than my camera.

A 'new' Robin Rive bear has joined the Rose Cottage Bear Hug.  He tugged at my heart strings so I had to rescue him, plus he was a very good price.  Normally I don't like 'wonky' eyes, but there was something about him that really appealed.  He has clearly been loved, and will make a great little walking companion as he is small enough to fit in my pocket. 

Off exploring.

He found a large comfortable leaf to sit in for a while.

He was delighted to find a ladybird in the garden. I am still waiting on him to tell me his name.  Why some can be named instantly whilst others take a while is very strange!