Saturday, 21 March 2020

Saturday Catch Up & Gail Wilson Kit Set - Part Two

A bit of a catch up post....I realised I hadn't posted further photos of the Gail Wilson Doll Kit I am working on.

I started painting the boots and hair...

I finally plucked up the courage to do the eyes and lips

Although when I uploaded the photo I realised that the lips are much rougher than my glasses led me to believe!  So she has kind of come to a bit of standstill.  I need to do her cheeks and then 'antique' her, and it is this next stage that is causing me a bit of hesitation.

The boots have their 'buttons'.

I received Fuggler from my friend Sharlyn for my birthday yesterday

He was pleased to escape his box and informed me immediately that his name is Richard - Go figure?

It seems he is enjoying a joke with Peggy Sue.

They seem to be currently inseparable.

Frog has been on a few outings with me.

I thought I had a few more photos than these but must have taken them with my phone rather than my camera.

A 'new' Robin Rive bear has joined the Rose Cottage Bear Hug.  He tugged at my heart strings so I had to rescue him, plus he was a very good price.  Normally I don't like 'wonky' eyes, but there was something about him that really appealed.  He has clearly been loved, and will make a great little walking companion as he is small enough to fit in my pocket. 

Off exploring.

He found a large comfortable leaf to sit in for a while.

He was delighted to find a ladybird in the garden. I am still waiting on him to tell me his name.  Why some can be named instantly whilst others take a while is very strange!


  1. Happy Birthday! I hope you had a celebration.

    I like what you are doing with the Gail Wilson doll kit.

    Richard Fuggler looks like he has funny stories to share.

    I love Mr. Frog.

    And the new teddy? He looks like a Wilbur (as in Wil-bear). But he will tell you his name when he is ready.

    1. Thank you Dorothy... being on my own there was no celebration, but I did have a nice day.

      The new teddy has been named Bellamy, but I am going to keep Wilbur as a name for when I have someone else to name. :)


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