Friday 3 June 2022

Celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee with a Garden Party

Henry has got his car out of the garage where it has been stored for the winter, and is giving it a good clean and polish ready for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee Party.

In the meantime Kiwi Sindy and Wren are already on their way

They are very excited and looking forward to arriving at the party

Kiwi Sindy's mini is of course very patriotic.

Kiwi Sindy parks the car and Wren hops out and looks towards the ...

...refreshments caravan which has its bunting up already.

Looking good she thinks.

They have started decorating the tables and getting things set up.

Willow is in the refreshments caravan setting up and Kiwi Sindy and Wren start to wander over to see if she needs some help.

Emily and Molly have their aprons on while they are setting up the tea and cake table.

Always good to protect their pretty dresses.

Some of the flags are out.

The table for the smaller people has been set up.

Henry is now on his way

He is escorting Everlee Rose to the party.

This is a steep hill Henry thinks, I hope the car can make it.

It does, and they park next to Kiwi Sindy's mini.

Henry goes round to the passenger door to open it for Everlee Rose.

Thank you Henry.

Shall we see what is going on?

Little Nancy and Madeline Rose arrive...I'm not quite sure how Madeline fitted in the car, but Nancy assures me she did!

Some time later...

The party is under way.

Everyone is having a grand time, the weather is good, the birds are singing...

There is plenty of good food to eat, and drinks available.

Little Amelia is pretending she is the Queen.

These four look like they are having a great time.

Peggy Sue thinks she looks 'right posh' with her hat and handbag.

Henry is eyeing up the cakes...I think Molly has told him he can't have them all!

Emily looks beautiful in her hat.

What a lovely time they are having.

They all had a really lovely Platinum Jubilee Party.

What an amazing day and incredible achievement for the Queen.