On this page I will be listing dolls, accessories and clothing I will have for sale. 

If you are interested in purchasing any items please email me:
lorraine(@) (removing the brackets)

Postage in the UK or Europe now depends on the weight of the item unfortunately as it seems it has gone up yet again. Elsewhere price depends on whereabouts in the World, please email for cost.

Over the next few weeks and months I will be sorting through my entire doll collection and a lot will be available.  If there is anything/anyone you may be interested in, please feel free to contact me and ask or make an offer I can't refuse!

Henry, Peggy Sue, Hitty Madge, Wren, Hazel & Madeline will NOT be available to buy ;-)

I will start listing dolls as and when I go through them or think of which will be looking for new homes.  Prices might not appear immediately but if interested do ask.  Some have prices listed, some are offers invited. 

Updated 22nd  July 2017



Gregor Mushroom Suit £10 plus postage


Prince Gregor Outfit - £20 plus postage


Second Prince Gregor Outfit, in good order without sash  £18.00 free postage in UK



Edith 'The Lonely Doll' 

£50 ono (plus postage).


Beautifully made Waldorf doll with jointed arms.  She comes with the outfit she is wearing and a little dress and socks (photos  and more info to come)

£160 plus postage.


Brand new - £10 plus postage

£10 plus postage


Dolly Darling £10  free postage in UK

Dolly Darling £10 free postage in UK


Dam Trolls - £7.50 the pair 

Vintage crawling doll - more photos available - £5.00 plus postage


Kenner Dusty Doll - more detailed photos available. She comes wearing a vintage knitted outfit with Sindy shirt/blouse £10 free postage in UK  


I need to raise funds for treatment for my pain, so sadly I think my beautiful Sasha Studio doll Ingrid is going to have to look for a new home.

I introduced her on my blog in July last year when she had been with me for a year.

You can find the post with pictures here:  Introducing Ingrid.

It pains me to do this, but not as much as the pain I am actually in and something needs to be done, and I need to go further afield for treatment.

If anyone is seriously interested in her, please get in touch.

Her 'For Sale' page with more photos can be found HERE.

Sale pending


I have two lovely Walda dolls that reluctantly need to find a new home.
One is 'Musical Walda' and the other is 'Posh Walda'

Musical Walda has a wind up music box and plays Silent Night her clothes are good, but slightly stained and her fringe is a slightly different colour to her main hair.  £10.00 plus postage


Posh Walda - is 'Posh' She has had a bit of a make-over by someone at some stage. Her clothes are very well made and she has new hands and feet.  £15.00 plus postage



Vintage Schildkrot Celluloid 11 inch Austrian Boy Doll  £25 ono 



This is a Kenner brand Steve Scout action figure in good played with  condition.
He would make a nice display doll for the collector.
He is 9.25" tall.
Clothes are in good condition for his age. 
Paint on head is good (more photos can be provided)  His head does wobble slightly, not sure if this is how he was intended.  He has joints at his wrists, elbows, ankles and knees plus swivel waist.

£30.00 ono  plus postage (free in the UK)




My Maori Doll Family Collection - all but the two dolls on the far right are available.  Would prefer to sell as a group, but can sell individually if required.  Price negotiable but I was thinking £50 for the lot.


Gorgeous Tonner Agnes Dreary - £85.00 plus postage


Vintage Roddy Walker Doll 10 1/2 inches tall.  Wearing vintage handknitted dress and cardigan (hat not included)  More photos on request.  £20 plus postage (free in UK)


Two unusal vintage probably handmade dolls with cloth bodies and wax? heads.

I have no idea what to ask for these as I can't remember what I paid for them.  I bought them from an Antiques Fair a few years ago.  Offers invited.


Brand New in Box, smaller Madeline doll - Please note this is not the same as my Madeline (made by Eden), but a smaller newer version.  £10 plus postage



Beautiful Blonde Sasha - price to be confirmed.

Still to come:

Brunette Sasha,
Blonde 70s Sasha
Toddler Sasha
Toddler Gregor


Now for the slightly wacky.  Three Minion Brand New in packaging.

Build-A-Minion - Arctic Kevin/Banana 3 toys in 1 poseable Minion £7.50 plus postage


Build-A-Minion - Pirate/Cro-Minion 2 toys in 1 poseable Minion £7.50 plus postage


Banana Munching Minion Stuart £5.00 plus postage


  1. So many nice dolls! I congratulate you on sticking to your resolve to downsize. It's good to share dolls around, anyway.

  2. Edith is just gorgeous... I'm sure she'll be too pricey for me, but I was drawn to her straight off ❤

    1. You might be surprised. Please feel free to email me.


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