On this page I will be listing dolls, accessories and clothing I will have for sale. 

If you are interested in purchasing any items please email me:
lorraine(@) (removing the brackets)

Postage in the UK or Europe now depends on the weight of the item unfortunately as it seems it has gone up yet again. Elsewhere price depends on whereabouts in the World, please email for cost.

Updated 25th January 2020

I have unfortunately going to have to sell my American Girl dolls (although I will be keeping Saige as my son bought her for me one year as a surprise birthday present.

I would prefer a 'Friends' payment via Paypal if at all possible, postage will be included in the price if happy to pay this way.  The dolls will be sent fully insured and tracked to protect us both.

Raising funds for our little dog Percy's continuing Chemo treatment.


For Sale: Nini Doll 'In Memory of Gene'

Sadly, I need to sell my stunning Nini Boy Doll 'In Memory of Gene' by the very talented Jonathan Paul Hayes. He has been kept in his original box and has his original photo sketch.

Funds for sale going towards our little dog Percy's continual Chemotherapy treatment.

Please message for price and any other details.

You can read about his arrival and can also see a size comparison with Sasha/Gregor dolls on this post: here.


Gorgeous Sasha Course Doll Boy.  This lad is in good condition with nice clean tricot.  He does have one small repair to his body as shown in the photograph below.  His real hair wig is stitched in place and his face paint is vibrant and he has a cute splash of freckles.  He comes wearing a dungarees outfit by Thu Cuc Faes and a vintage faux fur coat.  £500 inclusive of postage in the UK (Offers also considered.

Lovely Sasha Course Doll for sale.

£500 which includes postage in the UK.  (Offers definitely considered, don't be afraid to ask as need the funds for Percy's treatment)

This was her description when I bought her from Shelly:

1952 AI Re-covered Studio/course Doll . This sweet faced young lady is one of the earliest true Sasha dolls however she was in such a bad way she has been totally restored though her original body and stuffing with newspapers dating her are inside her full recovered body and head . Vintage fabrics have been used and original patterns , this has all been very expertly done by Thu Cuc Faes who has also tried to retain the original eye style of this young lady . She has been given a new wig made of Hemp which she would have also originally worn. Her outfit also made by Thu Cuc suits her perfectly 

I have her sandals, I just couldn't find them when I photographed her!.

These two photos for illustration purposes only to show how I have had her dressed.

Her body is in good clean order.

Her outfit, currently missing her sandals.

Photos taken a couple of years ago.

She is a really lovely Course doll and I will be sad to see her go, but sometimes that is just a way, and it will be nice for someone else to enjoy her like I have done.




American Girl Doll of the Year 2009, Chrissa.  £110.00 including free postage in the UK

Chrissa.  She was a favourite of mine, but sadly I just can't keep her.  She will come with two books and her original meet outfit.


Other dolls: 




A Girl for All Time  Matilda  £50 including postage in the UK.



Vintage Ideal Velvet

£25 plus postage





Articulated Shaggy - offers invited.






I also have quite a few Skipper dolls for sale, so if you are wanting one please ask for photos.  Prices will be very reasonable as all must go.


  1. So many nice dolls! I congratulate you on sticking to your resolve to downsize. It's good to share dolls around, anyway.

  2. Edith is just gorgeous... I'm sure she'll be too pricey for me, but I was drawn to her straight off ❤

    1. You might be surprised. Please feel free to email me.


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