Tuesday 23 April 2024

Happy St George's Day

 Revisiting a post from 2012!  However the sentiment is just the same!

Henry threw himself into the whole St George's Day celebration today...donning himself in a pair of red and white shorts...although he grumbled about not having a plain red pair...and arming himself with a sword, posters and my ornamental dragon teapot.

What are you doing Henry?

I'm fighting the dragon Mum

I'm not sure a little dragon looks that convincing Henry!

But I look good with my sword don't I?

Yes indeed you do Henry, although I think you could probably do with some armour to go with that!

I made a shield Mum, but forgot to use it!

Oh well at least you will be prepared if you ever come across a big dragon.

Yikes! Henry exclaims as Mum wanders off and a HUGE dragon breathing fire swoops down...

I wish I hadn't forgot to wear my shield now, and I WISH Mum would hurry and make my suit of armour!

Fortunately Henry survives his encounter with the dragon to fight and play another day!

Happy St George's Day everyone!


Henry wishes everyone a Happy St George's Day and hopes no dragons need to be slayed today!

Happy St George's Day everyone!

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