Sunday 15 May 2022

Wren's Postcard Swap - Received from Finland

Wren is delighted to receive a lovely postcard from her Makie Cousins in Finland.

She is so excited to show it off 

The two girls admire the wonderful picture of the two antique dolls in a field.

Wren explains it is from Unna and Anki

She reads the card out.  

Looks like her two friends sitting on the chairs are deep in conversation, I hope they don't miss her reading out the card!

She was absolutely thrilled to get this card.

Thank you so much for the wonderful postcard and for joining in the swap!


Monday 9 May 2022

Wren's Postcard Swap - Arrives in Finland!


Anki: Unna, we got mail!

Unna: Is it from Wren? 


Anki: Yes it is! The card came all the way from Isle of Wight. 

Unna: Ooh I wanna know what Wren says! 

Anki: Wren tells us about lovely beaches and walking paths.

Unna: That sounds fun!

Both: Thank you Wren! 

Anki: Now we need to write back to them.

Unna: I know the perfect card! 

Unna: Here it is.

Anki: Yes! That’s great! 

Anki: Let’s start with saying hello…

Unna: Now it’s ready! High five!

Anki: Yay! 

Many thanks to Unna & Anki's person for sending these photos and the story to us to post on our blog

It was a lot of fun!

Monday 2 May 2022

Postcard Swap - Sending to Finland

 Wren has been keeping up with her postcard swap, and has been sending and receiving cards from all around the world.   These various swaps have been featured on Youtube videos instead of on my blog.

Today she was pleased to send a postcard to her Makie Cousins in Finland...

She sits down to think about what to write.

Postcard written and off to the post office.

She hopes it doesn't take too long to get there.