Monday 30 January 2017

Madeline's Morning

With the birds twittering and the light streaming into her bedroom Madeline wakes up.

She gives a big stretch and yarns.  

Humming to herself she goes and turns the taps on to run a bath.

Looks in her wardrobe wondering what she will wear today.

It is still pretty wet and miserable outside so she decides to wear something warm but cheerful.

Placing the clothes on her bed

She goes and closes the wardrobe doors

Puts her dirty socks from yesterday into the linen bin...

Checks the bath water.

Hops in and enjoys a nice soak in a warm bubbly bath.

Some time later she gets out, dries herself and goes and gets dressed so she can go and get some breakfast.

Of course after breakfast she washes her dishes before going out to play.

Sunday 29 January 2017

A Quiet Saturday.

It seems the girls did manage to get to the library on Friday - this is how they spent the day yesterday, with the sun streaming into Peggy Sue's bedroom, it was lovely warm and light.

Peggy Sue chose a book about Robin Hood.

Everlee is reading Hercules

Stevie is reading Aladdin.

Elsewhere at Rose Cottage...

Little Madeline was thrilled to discover the New Zealand Magnolia has some 'fluffy' buds on it.

Later on she came in washed her hands...

...and played with some of her toys.

Saturday 28 January 2017

Boys and Dolls

For those who know me, they know that I have a special affinity for boy dolls.  I am not sure how this came about, perhaps because I had two boys of my own, or maybe because I taught predominantly boys, or maybe because I used to like to climb trees, ride on skateboards, go tramping and hunting with my Dad when I was a child.  I also played with dolls - there was no 'right or wrong' pushing towards one thing or another  - I was given a choice.  Whatever the reason, there is something special about boy dolls, but also dolls in general and people should be free to play with them, enjoy them as they wish, without being made to feel that they are being childish, or whatever.  Women playing with or enjoying dolls can often be ridiculed, but boys and men can often experience this even more! Dolls can be good therapy, they can be calming, they listen to your troubles and worries without passing judgement, they can be a good source of historical interest, inspire creativity, whatever and wherever your interest may lie.  

Both my boys were allowed to play with dolls as and when they chose as well.  One enjoyed playing with them more than the other and he enjoyed playing with them right up until he was about 10 or 11 years old. This may be in part because he was home-educated until this age, so didn't have the peer pressure of 30 other children his age in a classroom that told him it was 'wrong'.  Other home-educated children seemed to be much more tolerant of one's interests and games.  I have fond memories of him dressed up in his great grandmothers felt hat, pushing a push chair up the street with 'Baby' his cabbage patch boy doll in it.  Him and a friend of his used to play with dolls in the garden - both action man and barbie type dolls - they used to get up to all sorts of adventures and imaginative play together and I remember the excitement on his friend's face when for his tenth birthday we gave him a girl doll - dressed in safari clothes.  He had never had one before and was thrilled.  

Yet when my son was asked by my husband's friend what he would like for Christmas one year and he said a doll, my husband's friend was horrified.  'I am NOT buying your son a doll!' he exclaimed. Of course whatever he did end up giving our son for Christmas is forgotten as it wasn't what he really wanted, so wasn't as memorable.  Very sad to see that he was so prejudiced and of course this was carried through to his own son when he had one.  He was not allowed to play with dolls and pushed very firmly in one direction.  Now his son  may never have wanted to play dolls, or 'home corners' (another of our son's favourite games) but the important thing was, he was never given a choice to make that decision himself.

My friend Jesse in New Zealand who has the blog 'A Boy Doll Diary'  which features Angelo and his friends, wrote a brilliant post on this subject with links to videos as well and it is worth reading and watching. You can see it here:  'More about boys playing with their dolls'

I must go through my photo albums and see if I actually took any photos of my son and his friend playing when they were young.  I don't think I did, as the focus was them enjoying themselves and the camera often wasn't to hand like it is now.  Most of his dolls and teddy bears are currently packed away in the loft, but 'Baby' and Brian'   stay down and sit together on the top of my wardrobe.

My son's 'Baby' as he called his Cabbage Patch boy.  I made him a load of clothes, which we still have packed away somewhere that include little cloth nappies and various outfits.

I introduced 'Brian' his Waldorf boy a few days ago.

Friday 27 January 2017

Three Girls...

Where are you going Peggy Sue?  Everlee asks.

I'm going to do some shopping for Mum.  Peggy Sue replies.

Can we go to the library as well?  Stevie asks.

Perhaps.  Peggy Sue says.  It depends if we have time.

The girls set off. 

Stevie is a little grumpy today.  

I'm too hot with my jumper on underneath my coat.  She grumbles.  I feel like a stuffed turkey!

Everlee pretends she can't  hear her grumbling.  She knows  that if they go to the library as well as the shops it will be colder later on and she is pretty sure Stevie will be glad of the extra warmth.

Peggy Sue is concentrating on remembering what she needs to get....

Lemons, Manuka Honey, Ginger, that should do it...

Thursday 26 January 2017

Madeline's Home

Okay, so Madeline is featuring a lot lately, not only because she is cute, but because I am currently not very well and she is small enough to enjoy without having to go to a lot of effort.

I was super lucky enough to win a job lot of furniture for her the other day and she is delighted to be able to 'set up house'  Eventually I hope to build (find) something more suitable for her, but these two shelves will do in the meantime.

There are still a few items I would like to find to make these little sets that much more complete.  The refrigerator and the toilet for starters!

She has hung up a couple of her dresses in her wardrobe - that is another thing we need to fin, more coat hangers!

She admires herself in her mirror.

At last she has a comfy corner to read one of her favourite books.

Later in the afternoon Poppy comes round.

They chat about what Madeline is reading and Madeline suggests she stays for afternoon tea.

Sharing afternoon tea with a friend is always a good thing.

Wednesday 25 January 2017

Madeline's Wardrobe.

This little doll is really appealing to me at the moment.  Her simplicity has a certain charm and I have been enjoying making her a little wardrobe of clothes.

Her wardrobe that I have made to date consists of:

Six dresses,
Three cardigans
Seven Hats
A scarf
A coat
A pair of socks.

Above are some of her manufactured clothing items.

She came wearing the red checked dress, not original to her though - at least not that I can find out!  Her cape and hat are original to her.  She had no shoes so has 'raided' the shoes from others and has a little pair of black and red 'patent' shoes that have just been bought for her.

A little sun dress and a pair of shorts and sun top.

This little dress had never been worn by any other dolls and she declared it just right.  Although to be honest I think she has almost 'outgrown' it, as it was a little tight!

I still need to make her a little nightgown and a dressing gown.

I think this is her current favourite outfit and she enjoyed walking out in it yesterday when the sun was shining.  

A party dress.

Some of the clothing you have already seen on my 'Fashion on Friday' posts.

Last night I made her this little outfit.  She wanted a bag as well.

Tuesday 24 January 2017

Tui, a Kiwi Waldorf Doll

My interest in Waldorf dolls and the Steiner philosophy stems from when my son was a baby over 25 years ago now!  My son had many handmade wooden toys and one very special Waldorf doll.

This is my son's 'Waldolf' doll 'Brian' made in true Waldorf style with recycled fabrics (clothing) stuffed with natural wool. This doll was made about 24 years ago for my son by a friend of mine. We were very interested in the Steiner Philosophy and School of Thought and set up a playgroup in our area. My friend also helped to establish a new school as well... after I had left New Zealand. 

My son called him Brian and I guess at some stage when he was unhappy he drew an unhappy face and tears on him. (I think this was during the time when he was at his primary school where he was bullied - we ended up removing him from school and home educating him)

Roll on 25 years and I finally have a couple of my own Waldorf dolls!   One of these is 'Tui' a Kiwi girl who lived at a couple of 'foster' homes before finally finding her forever home with me.  Tui Sasha (Sasha was her given name) was made by Natasha Kanzler, from Auckland, New Zealand.  

Here she is patiently waiting...

She has found her friend 'Kiwi'

She is rarely seen without her Kiwi.

Chatting with Peggy Sue

'Chillaxing' which is apparently what draping yourself over a chair is called.

Riding on a tricycle.

Oops, someone is missing!

That is better... always fun when you can share with a friend.