Friday, 20 January 2017

Fashion on Friday

This week has been mostly about 'tiny' knitting - making things for the small dolls.  

Poppy (My Heartstrings Jackie) has been the lucky recipient of several new items.

This apricot dress which the white cardigan I made last week should go with nicely.

A blue dress, cardigan and hat.

A pastel stripes dress

A cotton cardigan.  

Thomas got a hat to go with his sweater.  

Kit got a dress and hat.

Melody got a little hat to go with her outfit knitted last year.

Sindy got a new blue dress.

Anka, my Polish girl, who I am going to be making a wardrobe for, received a new skirt, sweater and hat.

Madeline had a hat made to match her jacket.

Plus a new dress, using leftovers of my NZ Merino, alpaca, possom mix wool.

Pixie got a dress with 'fancy' hem which is what she wanted.

On to the slightly bigger dolls.

I finished the charity outfits for the Corolle Les Cheries.

I teamed the little top and cardigan with a pair of trousers.

Plus the dress already made last week.

I've also included an outfit that consists of a top, skirt and cardigan (these were actually made last year)

As I now have to started doing other things in preparation of my trip home to NZ I will stop at these three little sets, unless I get a chance to whip up anything else in the next week.

Peggy Sue wanted a pink hat in the same style as the little ones hats.  So her wish was my command!

I also made this dress, which is now listed in my Etsy Shop 'Muriel Makes


  1. So much delightful knitting! Everything is delightful :-)



  2. All your work is lovely. I particularly like the "acorn" beanie and Thomas looks the cutest of all! You must have been very busy recently!


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