Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Tui, a Kiwi Waldorf Doll

My interest in Waldorf dolls and the Steiner philosophy stems from when my son was a baby over 25 years ago now!  My son had many handmade wooden toys and one very special Waldorf doll.

This is my son's 'Waldolf' doll 'Brian' made in true Waldorf style with recycled fabrics (clothing) stuffed with natural wool. This doll was made about 24 years ago for my son by a friend of mine. We were very interested in the Steiner Philosophy and School of Thought and set up a playgroup in our area. My friend also helped to establish a new school as well... after I had left New Zealand. 

My son called him Brian and I guess at some stage when he was unhappy he drew an unhappy face and tears on him. (I think this was during the time when he was at his primary school where he was bullied - we ended up removing him from school and home educating him)

Roll on 25 years and I finally have a couple of my own Waldorf dolls!   One of these is 'Tui' a Kiwi girl who lived at a couple of 'foster' homes before finally finding her forever home with me.  Tui Sasha (Sasha was her given name) was made by Natasha Kanzler, from Auckland, New Zealand.  

Here she is patiently waiting...

She has found her friend 'Kiwi'

She is rarely seen without her Kiwi.

Chatting with Peggy Sue

'Chillaxing' which is apparently what draping yourself over a chair is called.

Riding on a tricycle.

Oops, someone is missing!

That is better... always fun when you can share with a friend.


  1. She is very sweet. Lovely to see Peggy as well. Blessings

  2. She's lovely! Though it's not "true" Waldorf, I like shaped features on cloth dolls.

    1. You are quite right, and I should have said that in my description, she is Waldorf inspired. Brian is more true to the philosophy :-)

  3. Tui is very cute!! love all the freckles she has.

  4. That's too bad about what your son went through. Unfortunately it wasn't until very recently that schools felt they had any obligation to address those issues.

    1. Funny thing is, some of the bullying was coming from his teacher, who was a piece of work!

  5. Such a sweet girl! Kathe Kruse Co makes Waldorf dolls. I, too, like the R Steiner philosophy. I was first attracted to it because they teach knitting at 2 different times in the child's life.


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