Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Madeline's Wardrobe.

This little doll is really appealing to me at the moment.  Her simplicity has a certain charm and I have been enjoying making her a little wardrobe of clothes.

Her wardrobe that I have made to date consists of:

Six dresses,
Three cardigans
Seven Hats
A scarf
A coat
A pair of socks.

Above are some of her manufactured clothing items.

She came wearing the red checked dress, not original to her though - at least not that I can find out!  Her cape and hat are original to her.  She had no shoes so has 'raided' the shoes from others and has a little pair of black and red 'patent' shoes that have just been bought for her.

A little sun dress and a pair of shorts and sun top.

This little dress had never been worn by any other dolls and she declared it just right.  Although to be honest I think she has almost 'outgrown' it, as it was a little tight!

I still need to make her a little nightgown and a dressing gown.

I think this is her current favourite outfit and she enjoyed walking out in it yesterday when the sun was shining.  

A party dress.

Some of the clothing you have already seen on my 'Fashion on Friday' posts.

Last night I made her this little outfit.  She wanted a bag as well.


  1. The blue outfit is wonderful! With the yellow buttons and her red hair, it creates a very "Mondrian" look.

    1. Thank you Steve, I really like that colour combination as well.

  2. She is a very well outfitted girl, and I understand she doesn't want to give up the sweet sun dress. Didn't she ask for a sister to share with and to play with yet?

    1. No not yet, she is quite content (I do have Pepito, but he is dong his own thing at the moment) I am really enjoying having just her, it is all too easy to end up with 'more than one'. Plus she has other 'little' friends to play with ;-)

  3. I have a Madeline doll and a few of her friends, and I also like their simple charm. Your dolls are much more fortunate than mine, however. I'm having real difficulties at the moment sewing and knitting for the smaller members of the household

    1. I'm on a roll with the small knitting but will have to go back to the larger knitting soon. Plus I have a test knitting project to do, but wanted to wait until I was well enough so I can concentrate...hopefully another day or two.

  4. I collected the Eden Madeline doll, outfits and accessories when they came out in the mid-1990s. I still have them all. You're right - they are the sweetest little 8" dolls and the clothes & etc are fantastic. Sadly, Learning Curve purchased Eden Toys and really just ruined the doll. I enjoy seeing how you're playing with her.


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