Monday, 16 January 2017

Cold and Wet Outside.

Hi there! What are you doing?  Everlee asks the girls.

We've just been playing with our knitted dolls, it is so cold and wet outside, not much else to do on a day like today.  Peggy Sue tells her as she pushes the hair back from her face.

We could go and watch a movie what do you think?  Peggy Sue asks.

Sounds good to me.  Stevie agrees.

The girls head off to the lounge to watch a DVD.

Everlee is currently in foster care with us, as her Mama can no longer keep her.  Somehow I don't think she will be leaving, especially once Peggy Sue and Stevie realise she is only supposed to be staying here for a while...I am sure they will be scheming behind closed doors.


  1. Everlee already has found friends, so I think she'll want to stay. As she is a very pretty blonde girl, she fits in well!
    It snowed here tonight, so I had a nice morning walk, but then I had to go to work, and now almost all of it has melted. A shame - but good for traffic, of course.

    1. I think she will as well. She first met them back in the summer at our Music Festival ;-)

      The snow didn't last long here the other day either, it is just very wet, muddy and miserable out at the moment.

  2. We all know how strong-willed that Peggy Sue is! I like her desk and chair. I don't remember seeing them before; are they new?

    1. No they are not new, we have had that set for a few years now. Henry has used it in the past, and Peggy Sue used it the other day when she was trying to think of what to write to Angelo - perhaps you missed that post? It has also featured in past posts. It is from American Girl. I was lucky enough to find it over here.


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