Monday 30 September 2019

A Mix n Match Wardrobe - Part One

A few days ago I started making a 'mix n match' wardrobe for Clipper, my newest TRD, and have shown some of the items I have made already.  To say she is my current 'obsession', is probably spot on.  I am really loving and enjoying this tiny little doll.  It is fun knitting up some quick and easy makes for her in the evening.  

Today I am supposed to be cleaning and tidying the kitchen - but I am easily distracted so I made her a reversible apron instead.  I'd already made her a dress in the early morning before I went for my walk.  Of course she said she will need an apron to help me with my chores, so fair enough.  Once I had engaged my brain, and after discussing the pockets with my friend, I did different pockets on this one, and am much happier with them, as this is what I wanted originally, but my thinking cap had been misplaced yesterday when I made the first apron.  

So here are a few photos of her new aprons and dress.  

She wore her new dress when we went out this morning for our walk.  I have shortened the length as she is a little bit shorter than my other TRDs, and so the first was a little bit long.

I've pulled in the fabrics from her first dress on this pocket.

Her second dress on this pocket.

It is always useful having a good pocket!

I love that with this shorter length, you can now see her bloomers peeking out the bottom.

Of course with a slight chill in the air a shawl is always handy to be able to wrap around the shoulders.

The back of the shawl.

Right I guess I better go and tackle the kitchen now before I have to start preparing dinner.  Fortunately I now have a well equipped helper!

Sunday 29 September 2019

Creative Week 21

Tiny Knitting seems to have been the predominant focus this week. Little knit dresses and tops have been rolling off the needles.  However I have done some 'bigger' knitting, and aim to complete at least one set of Sasha/Gregor/Schoenhut clothing each week from now on.

I had a request for a boys set, so knitted this lovely cardigan, cap and socks with some of my fabulous NZ yarn. The cardigan and cap is knitted with the NZ Rare Breeds Arapawa Merino wool and is just so lovely.  Lewis wants to keep it but I had to explain it was for an order.


On to the tiny knitting:

Underpants for the lot of tiny dolls that are currently being made.

Lyra hat for the colder weather.

A couple hats:  White above, and variegated green below which is Clipper's favourite so far.

Got to have a bright 'sunshine' dress.

I also crocheted a green pumpkin - part of Martha's 100 Day Challenge, the page of which has been updated today.



I've also done some sewing

I made Clipper some skirts, a dress, apron and bedding (shown in previous post).

Dress and bloomers (which can't really be seen)

Some skirts to go with the little knit tops, which are currently part of my newest project - to make Clipper a Mix n Match wardrobe.

A reversible apron.  One side has an oversize pocket for carrying all those necessary things.

and finally my favourite item, which has to be Clipper's little felt coat.

Saturday 28 September 2019

The Making of a Little Wooden Bed

The making of a little wooden dolls bed...  not quite as easy as it looked, especially as I didn't have all the right 'ingredients' and tools for the job.  Hopefully the next one I make will be a bit better (or preferably a LOT better!)  To say this first bed is a little 'squew wiff' is an understatement!

Martha lends an expert hand to measure up

After this stage I painted it, but must have forgotten to take a photo of it just painted.

I ended up making two mattresses as the first was a little short.

Martha shows Clipper the progress so far.

Today (Saturday) I made a pillow, pillowcase and two sheets.

The bed almost finished.  I want to make a little blanket and then patchwork quilt for the top.

Thursday 26 September 2019

My Tiny Rag Doll Swap

A friend in the USA and I decided a while back to do a Tiny Rag Doll swap.  We didn't set any deadlines as we both had other things going on.  I finally finished mine and packaged her and her clothes up ready to post on 17th September.   I've just heard she arrived today.  Always a relief to know the doll has arrived safely. 

 I wanted to make her clothes using NZ wool and fabrics as much as possible, and was quite pleased with the end result.  Her hair caused me a bit of consternation, but I wanted it to be different to any of hers and I think I achieved that.

Here she is wearing one of her little outfits.

A pair of undies to protect her modesty.

Her hair from the back.

The outfits I made:

They can be mixed and matched.

Of course she is a tea drinker, so needed to take a cup of tea and saucer along on her journey.

You can't really see her nose in the above picture!

She chose to wear this skirt and top for the journey

and added a shawl to keep her warm.

She has a bit of ‘flavour’ from New Zealand and the Isle of Wight, Hertfordshire and Northumberland.

Her variegated green t-shirt and shawl are knitted with Pure NZ Merino, Alpaca and Possum wool.

Her brown t-shirt and shawl are knitted with vintage NZ wool that my friend gave me.  It belonged to her aunt.

The variegated purple dress is knitted with Pure NZ Merino, Alpaca and Possum wool.

I think the purple shawl is also knitted with vintage wool from my friend in NZ. 

The flowery skirt is made from some fabric I bought from a charity shop in the little town near where my Mum’s home is. 

The linen skirt is made from some fabric scraps I bought from a charity shop local to me.

The orange t shirt is knitted from some wool that I was sent for my birthday and comes from Whistlebare in Northumberland and is a fine natural yarn.  I believe they have a website.

The orange skirt and the green skirt are made from some NZ cotton prints I bought in Whangarei.
She comes with her cup of tea and a saucer as she is a great tea drinker, and a puzzle that I bought in Kerikeri when there earlier this year.

She was sewn while I was staying in the Isle of Wight.  

Her hair was fine mohair pre-spun wool roving from NZ.  

Her shoes are made from NZ felted natural wool.