Sunday 29 September 2019

Creative Week 21

Tiny Knitting seems to have been the predominant focus this week. Little knit dresses and tops have been rolling off the needles.  However I have done some 'bigger' knitting, and aim to complete at least one set of Sasha/Gregor/Schoenhut clothing each week from now on.

I had a request for a boys set, so knitted this lovely cardigan, cap and socks with some of my fabulous NZ yarn. The cardigan and cap is knitted with the NZ Rare Breeds Arapawa Merino wool and is just so lovely.  Lewis wants to keep it but I had to explain it was for an order.


On to the tiny knitting:

Underpants for the lot of tiny dolls that are currently being made.

Lyra hat for the colder weather.

A couple hats:  White above, and variegated green below which is Clipper's favourite so far.

Got to have a bright 'sunshine' dress.

I also crocheted a green pumpkin - part of Martha's 100 Day Challenge, the page of which has been updated today.



I've also done some sewing

I made Clipper some skirts, a dress, apron and bedding (shown in previous post).

Dress and bloomers (which can't really be seen)

Some skirts to go with the little knit tops, which are currently part of my newest project - to make Clipper a Mix n Match wardrobe.

A reversible apron.  One side has an oversize pocket for carrying all those necessary things.

and finally my favourite item, which has to be Clipper's little felt coat.


  1. Oh my goodness, how could you get all of that done in just a week or so? You are so talented!

    Lewis looks quite handsome. Clipper is certainly going to need more room in her closet for all of her new things.

    1. I was a bit surprised at how much too. Although the little Tees are a very quick knit and I can now knit several in one evening.

      Lewis is a love, he has been a bit left on the sidelines lately, and used to feature quite a bit. Poor boy.


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