Sunday 22 September 2019

Creative Week 20

Two new dresses have been added to Martha's wardrobe, although the first one she won't be getting until December...if she doesn't discover it before then!


I knitted Mini AG Kit a little red cardigan that will also go with her dress.

Peggy Sue was delighted when she saw me pick up some larger needles Friday evening.

She couldn't wait to try it on and go out in the garden for a photograph.  It matches her dress very well.

I've been working on some more Tiny Rag dolls and have finished one of them, who you can read about here:  Clipper a Tiny Rag Doll

I also knitted Martha a cardigan.


  1. What lovely sweaters. I think Martha is smiling with all of her new items.

    1. Thank you Dorothy, I think she is indeed. I have also updated her Daily Photo page as I'd got a bit behind at putting the photos up. Have a good week.

  2. I love your Martha and her home, such a lovely idea.


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