Thursday 5 September 2019

Making Coathangers

In working on Martha's World, I am aiming to use what I have to hand rather than buying things. I thought we had some large paper clips, but unfortunately I only had a couple, so did have to buy some more, but managed to get a container of them for £1 from Sainsburys so figured that wasn't too much to spend.

Paperclips and tools to hand.

I bent the shorter part of the paperclip up.

I then bent the other long part up to make a triangle.

With some pliers I bent a hook and then clipped a bit off with the wire cutters 

A very simple coat hanger that does the job!


  1. Wow, the "coat hangers" are just perfect! I love the little photo on the table. That must be of Martha's family.

  2. Those turned out really well.


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