Wednesday 25 September 2019


I'm having a lot of fun with my newest little TRD (Tiny Rag Doll).  Her wardrobe has been added to, and I am starting to make and collect little accessories for her.

On Monday morning we went out with the local walking group and she enjoyed a nice walk in the fresh air.  She wore a shawl to keep her warm, but the temperature was quite mild and we missed the rain that started not long after we got back.

She met Reginald Rabbit and chatted for a while.

Nancy welcomed her into the fold.

Last night I made her a jacket and this morning a more autumnal themed hat and she dashed outside.

It is a bit wet out, so she just went out briefly for a quick photo - not the best!

I'm going to make a little travel pouch for her hopefully this week as she will need one I am pretty certain of that!

I'm also currently working on her back story and need to update up Tiny Rag Doll Making Journal.  I am quite behind on that!


  1. What a sweet doll. Green is definitely her color.

    1. Green is isn't it? I am delighted by how she seems to suit these colours so well.


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