Monday 9 September 2019

Bobby & Hamish

The handsome Bobby was thrilled to receive a package of cardigans in the post the other day.  He and Hamish tend to miss out on clothing to a large extent, but they now have a nice selection of cardigans to choose from now the cooler weather is here.  

 Bobby chose this lovely green cardigan and is thrilled that it matches his green t shirt.

My photo editing programme is not working today so I have been having trouble with editing Hamish's photos that I took yesterday.  This is a bit of a worry as I really rely on this programme but for some reason it just keeps crashing.  Not good.  So I only managed two photos of Hamish.

The cardigan he chose goes nicely with his hair!  

The weather today (Monday 9th September) is no where near as nice as it was yesterday.  It has been dull and overcast all day and has a damp feel about it.  Please don't come too soon Autumn!

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  1. Bobby and Hamish both look dashing in their sweaters. It's wonderful to receive boxes in the mail!


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