Sunday 8 September 2019

Creative Week 18

Another productive Creative week.

I finished Maude

The third elephant in my 'Three Elephants' project.

Martha, Mavis and Maude.

Mavis and Maude are now on their way to NZ to my Mum and Sister.  I can't wait to hear whether my sister likes her and whether my Mum will recognise what it is and like it or not. I am guessing she probably won't anymore, but at the very least the elephant can sit in her room (and hopefully not go awol as is want to happen in dementia units a fair bit)

As mentioned in a previous post I repaired Delphine's hair and made her some shoes.

I continued working on Martha's World and have set up a page for the daily updates.  That can be found here:  100 Days of Martha the Elephant's World.

I made her a pretty coral dress with the lovely 50p bargain wool I got from a local CS.

I also made her a 'Blue Hues' dress from some of the left over yarn from making the dresses for the American Girl and other dolls, previous years.

I made Martha a little cat:

As the weather is cooling down quite a bit I made Martha a little variegated yellow cardigan.

It is a lovely fit and she is very pleased with it.

I've been making tiny underwear, and also wig making for my tiny little dolls, but they can't be shown yet,  I'm also currently working on a chair for Martha, but it is not ready to be photographed yet.


  1. I am happy to see the three sisters together before Maude and Mavis got on the plane. I am sure that Martha misses them.

    Martha has quite the wardrobe now. She is a very lucky elephant!

  2. Lovely knitting as always. I like how the stripe of speckled yarn worked into the blue dress. I will have to try something similar in the future.


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