Wednesday 4 September 2019


I made this little knitted doll back in 2013, you can read a bit about her on one of my original blogs here:  Delphine, the Travelling Doll, not that she has actually travelled anywhere!  Unless you count a puppies mouth!  Yes unfortunately she got chewed, but fortunately it was just her hair that was damaged, which can be replaced, oh and she lost a shoe!

Yesterday I set about replacing her hair.  I thought I'd try a completely different style, but we both decided she didn't like it! 

So out it came this morning and I redid it as close to the original style as  I could.  

We both agreed that it is what we are happy with.  Sometimes change isn't good, especially if it is too much of a change.   Perhaps I will knit another doll to use this hair with, one that has a more hippy/free nature spirit character about her.

I also knitted her new shoes - this time purple glitter shoes.  She likes them very much.  I have no idea what happened to her original clothes, apart from the purple dress which she is still wearing.  I will have to see if I can find the skirt and top.

Delphine is quite happy with her new hair now!

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  1. What a cutie Delphine is. The next time you go somewhere, you will need to put her in your suitcase so she can see a bit of the world.

    You could also send her to a friend somewhere, who could send her to a friend somewhere, etc. When she gets back to you, she will have a gazillion stamps on her passport (chuckle).


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