Wednesday 28 November 2018

A New Dress for Josefina

The first garment I have knitted for an American Girl Doll in well over a year.  I can't say it was a pain free knit, as it definitely wasn't but I did enjoy the result!  I found this ball of yarn in a local charity shop for just under £1 and knew exactly what I wanted to knit with it as I just love this pattern having knitted a whole series of these dresses quite a few years ago now.  I only kept about one of them I think, as the rest were given to a children's charity and some sold in my Etsy shop.  This was also going to go in my shop, but I may just well keep it. It is perfect for the Christmas season. 

Sunday 25 November 2018

Summary on Sunday: Blogging, Henry's Hair Loss, Knitting Etc...

I'm hoping I can blog a bit more as blogging seems to have taken quite a back seat for a while due to a number of reasons.  Certainly I will be doing my usual Advent series of posts, but I'd like to get back into doing more of the other things as well.  How this will pan out though is anyone's guess.

I know I have mentioned this before, but Henry's hair problem has been a real stumbling block for me with regards my blogging as he is the foundation of it all really and such a focus.  I still haven't got my head round it.  I keep toying with the idea of getting him re-rooted as I haven't really liked any wigs I have tried on him so far.  Trouble is I want him to look 'the same'. I don't want him to look different and so much of the re-rooting I have seen has been just girls and not boys, and those boys that have been re-rooted just don't have hair styles that are like the original boys. Over the winter he can get away with wearing hats, although I wish he didn't have to wear them inside as well, but it has got so bad now, that there are just too many large bald areas for me to 'repair' in the photo editing process.  I have toyed with the idea of also substituting him but although others might not know I do, and it just doesn't 'feel' right to me.  Despite me buying several new brunette boys last year I think it was none of them looked anything like Henry.  In fact I have never seen a brunette boy look quite like Henry, even though I have others who are very similar to each other.  Who would have thought a doll and his losing of hair would cause such a profound problem for me?!

I started doing a bit of knitting while house sitting for my son last month, and unfortunately it is still very painful and causes pain in my arm and muscle spasms in my neck on the opposite side, so I will just have to go slowly.  I haven't knitted in over a year, so was hoping the rest would have helped, but it seems not.

I thought I would start off small so I knitted for my Sindy dolls (the one on the left is my replica childhood Sindy and the other two are my charity shop bargains found while I was house sitting.

I especially love the one in the middle who is my 'waifiest' Sindy but the gal I do most with.

Just need to put some buttons on this when I can find some that are suitable.  I did make a belt for it, but felt it then make it look too much like a dressing gown!

Just loving this girl and this look.

This cardigan I made as a swap gift.

I also knitted for my childhood Tressy.  The skirt she is wearing I made many years ago now.

I have knitted two Sasha size cardigans (for Peggy Sue) and did find it hard work, so need to not get carried away with how long I sit and knit for!  I do have an order, just need to get the wool, so hope to start on that next.

I am also hoping my sewing mojo has returned and was not just a one off enthusiasm to make something for Peggy Sue's birthday.  It is a long time since I have done any sewing as well.  We will see.  I do have something that I must make for someone at some stage, but I need to make sure I am in the right frame of mind before I attempt it.

Sunday seems to be flying by, it is mid-day already!  Time to clear up after Peggy Sue's party yesterday.  I wonder if any of the girls are going to help me?!  

Saturday 24 November 2018

Peggy Sue's Birthday Party

Molly, Everlee and Emily have changed into some pretty dresses made several years ago (some for the first dresses I ever made for the Sasha dolls)  they wanted to go with a purple theme as they had heard that Peggy Sue likes purple.  They were on hand to greet the arriving guests.

Violet (Velvet) was the first to arrive and she was very excited as she hadn't been to one of Peggy Sue's parties before.

Next were Josefina and Sienna Saige.  

Gosh have you grown?  Emily asks them.

They chuckle.  We don't think so.  Sienna Saige tells them.

Next to arrive were Pauline, Patty and little Ruby Tuesday.

Welcome to the party.  Everlee says.

Oh hello Nomi.  Molly says.

I've brought a rose for Peggy Sue.  Nomi shows them.

That is so sweet of you.  The girls tell her.  Don't be shy, she should be here soon.

Sure enough, Peggy Sue arrives and Nomi presents her with the rose.

That really is the sweetest thing.  Peggy Sue says to Nomi.  Thank you.

While Peggy Sue is talking to Nomi, the other girls are starting to mingle and get to know each other.

Hello Josefina, so glad you could come.  Peggy Sue says.  

Sienna Saige told me you might be coming.

It is a shame Chrissy couldn't make it this year.

The stereo is in place.  The boys having moved it in for them earlier in the day.

Ruby Tuesday wonders how it works.

Molly explains that you put a record on it and there is a special needle that goes into the grooves and 'reads' the music.  It is very clever she says.

The girls are all starting to mingle and chat.

Emily and Molly catch up with Josefina's news.

It doesn't take them long to start eating the cake!

Nomi offers Pauline one. 

Thank you Nomi.  Pauline says.  That looks delicious.

These are very nice cakes.  Patty says to Peggy Sue.  

They are indeed.  Peggy Sue agrees.  Shall we have some more!

Yes please!  Violet says enthusiastically.

Earlier than I would have thought, the music has started and some of the girls are already up jivin'

Looks like they might be 'doing the twist'

Twist and turn...

The girls are having a lot of fun!  I have a feeling they might be dancing well into the night!


All the girls are wearing clothing made by myself except Ruby Tuesday who is wearing a dress my Nan knitted and Patty who is wearing a little outfit given to me.

Friday 23 November 2018

Happy Birthday Peggy Sue!

Peggy Sue had quite the surprise when she got up this morning.  There on her chaise lounge were a pile of brand new clothes.

Are these for me?  She asks.

Yes they are.  A very happy birthday to you sweet girl.

She couldn't wait to try them on.

First up was the little purple skirt and blouse

A perfect fit!  She declares.

The cardigan is the perfect addition for these colder days that have arrived.

She tries on the little reversible waistcoat.

Don't you think this is pretty?  She asks.

Next she tries on her new trousers. The have such a bright and fun pattern to brighten up these dull winter days.

She changes the waist coat round and wears it with the reverse side showing.

Next she tries on the cardigan to go with the trousers.

Next up is her party dress, ready for her birthday party tomorrow.

She does a little twirl.

Thank you so much I just LOVE my new clothes!  This dress is soooo pretty.

Later on in the day while Peggy Sue was out...

The girls get together to set up the room for the party tomorrow.

Everlee, Molly and Emily discuss how to decorate the room.

This really needs to go higher.  Molly says.

It certainly does.  Emily agrees.

We just don't have a lot of room to hang it, that is the problem!  They both say and ponder on what can be done....