Wednesday 28 November 2018

A New Dress for Josefina

The first garment I have knitted for an American Girl Doll in well over a year.  I can't say it was a pain free knit, as it definitely wasn't but I did enjoy the result!  I found this ball of yarn in a local charity shop for just under £1 and knew exactly what I wanted to knit with it as I just love this pattern having knitted a whole series of these dresses quite a few years ago now.  I only kept about one of them I think, as the rest were given to a children's charity and some sold in my Etsy shop.  This was also going to go in my shop, but I may just well keep it. It is perfect for the Christmas season. 

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  1. Hooray, you're knitting again! Lovely dress and Josephina looks very pleased with it (she might be quite annoyed if you sell it on Etsy).


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