Saturday 26 September 2020

Time for Bed.

Before she goes to bed....

Peggy Sue likes to read a few verses from her bible.

Little Owen likes to read too.

Tonight she is reading from Psalms.

I think Peggy Sue needs some slippers now the nights are getting colder!


A Lunch Date

Peggy Sue had an invitation to go to a friend's for lunch.

She spent ages trying to decide what to wear, but in the end she couldn't bear to change into any Autumnal or Winter clothing just yet so she opted for a blue cardigan to go with her summery dress.

The girls are seated at the table ready for their lunch.

Peggy Sue and Lucy were delighted to be able to enjoy each other's company.

This lunch looks delicious thought Peggy Sue, as she lays her napkin on her lap.

Lucy opted to put the napkin under her chin.

In another room Clara, Lewis and little Bethany were waiting patiently having had their lunch earlier.

Due to needing to change location of their table, Lewis helped move the furniture and the flowers.

Can we eat yet?  Lucy asks.

I think we can now.  Peggy Sue answers her.

Lucy doesn't look so sure and is concerned they might have to move the table again...but they didn't.

Little Bethany is playing with one of the Tiny Rag Dolls, that came out with them.