Tuesday 14 March 2023

St Patrick's Day Preparation - Part Two

Lewis and Henry have also changed into some green clothing in preparation for St Patrick's Day.

Lewis is a 16/403 model Schoenhut boy.  

Henry is of course a Gregor Doll 

Lewis is wearing socks, shorts, tank top/vest and hat made by me, his shirt is made by Ginny on Etsy. 
Henry is wearing his 'travelling' clothes that he would normally wear when flying to New Zealand each year and he has also worn them when flying to the USA for the Sasha Festivals in the past.  His green shirt is the one he arrived in, and it is his favourite, and his trousers were made by me and are a comfortable fleece fabric.

Love these two boys.

Doesn't he look so much like a real child?

My two favourite boys.


Monday 13 March 2023

St Patrick's Day Preparation - Part One

Three of the girls have started getting ready for St Patrick's Day by dressing in green.

Mary Ellen & Amber

Mary Ellen is a 1969 Dungarees Sasha by Trendon and she is wearing a smocked gingham dress.

Amber is one of the first Sasha dolls I got, and she came from Shelly of SashaDollsUK which is now sadly closed down.   Amber is a Large Head Yellow Eyed Pony Tail Gotz Sasha from the 1960s and she is wearing a smocked green dress.

Peggy Sue is wearing a party dress I made for her one year, I believe for her birthday party.  

Peggy Sue is a Schoenhut Miss Dolly who was in a bad state of over paint and has been stripped back to her bare wood.


Thursday 9 March 2023

Tea for Two Tuesday & Red Squirrel Watching

On Tuesday we were invited to a lovely afternoon tea at our friend Chris's house.

Clementine was very pleased to visit Mary and thoroughly enjoyed her 'posh' tea.

She looks lovely a pink dress and cardigan she borrowed from Peggy Sue.

Mary is just exquisite.

The afternoon tea was delicious!

Much chit chat went on.

Henry joined them...

and tied to sneak a roll while they were chatting.

Gigi visited Ten Ping and her family in her delightful little house

It was just a very lovely way to spend an afternoon.

We also had a delicious afternoon tea.

Plus thoroughly enjoyed watching the red squirrels feeding.

Although we get a lot at our place, they tend to stay in the hazel nut trees, so we don't see them so often.

We also did a spot of bird watching.

To see the video with the doll and squirrels click HERE


Saturday 4 March 2023

Dolls for Sale

I have updated my Dolls For Sale Page found here: Dolls For Sale with the Nancy Ann Storybook dolls I have for sale and will be updating the page during the week with other dolls I will be selling.

To Come:  Vintage Vogue Ginny Doll from the 1970s

Other assorted dolls and Fugglers - brand new in box.