Tuesday 14 March 2023

St Patrick's Day Preparation - Part Two

Lewis and Henry have also changed into some green clothing in preparation for St Patrick's Day.

Lewis is a 16/403 model Schoenhut boy.  

Henry is of course a Gregor Doll 

Lewis is wearing socks, shorts, tank top/vest and hat made by me, his shirt is made by Ginny on Etsy. 
Henry is wearing his 'travelling' clothes that he would normally wear when flying to New Zealand each year and he has also worn them when flying to the USA for the Sasha Festivals in the past.  His green shirt is the one he arrived in, and it is his favourite, and his trousers were made by me and are a comfortable fleece fabric.

Love these two boys.

Doesn't he look so much like a real child?

My two favourite boys.



  1. The boys looks so spiffy! Lewis reminds me of Ron Weasley from Harry Potter!

    1. Ha ha, I hadn't thought of that before, but you are right, especially with the handknitted sweaters! ;) Thank you :)


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