Thursday 9 March 2023

Tea for Two Tuesday & Red Squirrel Watching

On Tuesday we were invited to a lovely afternoon tea at our friend Chris's house.

Clementine was very pleased to visit Mary and thoroughly enjoyed her 'posh' tea.

She looks lovely a pink dress and cardigan she borrowed from Peggy Sue.

Mary is just exquisite.

The afternoon tea was delicious!

Much chit chat went on.

Henry joined them...

and tied to sneak a roll while they were chatting.

Gigi visited Ten Ping and her family in her delightful little house

It was just a very lovely way to spend an afternoon.

We also had a delicious afternoon tea.

Plus thoroughly enjoyed watching the red squirrels feeding.

Although we get a lot at our place, they tend to stay in the hazel nut trees, so we don't see them so often.

We also did a spot of bird watching.

To see the video with the doll and squirrels click HERE


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