Monday 13 March 2023

St Patrick's Day Preparation - Part One

Three of the girls have started getting ready for St Patrick's Day by dressing in green.

Mary Ellen & Amber

Mary Ellen is a 1969 Dungarees Sasha by Trendon and she is wearing a smocked gingham dress.

Amber is one of the first Sasha dolls I got, and she came from Shelly of SashaDollsUK which is now sadly closed down.   Amber is a Large Head Yellow Eyed Pony Tail Gotz Sasha from the 1960s and she is wearing a smocked green dress.

Peggy Sue is wearing a party dress I made for her one year, I believe for her birthday party.  

Peggy Sue is a Schoenhut Miss Dolly who was in a bad state of over paint and has been stripped back to her bare wood.



  1. I love seeing Peggy Sue, she always makes me smile. Her expression reminds me of school children portraits. Those smocked dresses are so gorgeous. Here in the South smocked clothing is top tier of fancy dress for children

    1. Hi Gaela, sorry for the delay in publishing these comments, it seems they ended up in spam for some reason and I have just found them. Peggy Sue said thank you :) Smocked dresses are so pretty aren't they?!


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