Saturday 31 December 2022

Well that was Christmas 2022!

Well here we are, the last day of 2022 and I have finally uploaded the photos of the Christmas dolls in their finery.

I won't worry about who is who, unless someone specifically wants to know...please ask if so.

This was the little Nativity Scene that the various dolls opened for Advent last year.

The Sasha dolls adorned their usual spot on the dresser.

Another group here...

A mixed group here...with sadly my Waldorf Inspired doll missing...seems she was busy elsewhere when this photo was taken!

The bigger dolls

And that was Christmas.

We didn't have a large tree this year due to the puppies and the fact they would have got up to too much mischief with all the decorations! 

I did daily Advent openings on my YouTube Channel and the playlists of both of those can be found below:

Wren's Advent Wardrobe Challenge


Sunday 20 November 2022

For Sale: Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls

I've decided to sell a lot of my doll collections. After the loss of our dear Percy in June, dolls just don't seem so important to me anymore. I'm starting with my Nancy Ann Storybook Collection dolls. I still need to add prices, but please feel free to make an offer as you can probably grab yourself a bargain as I just want them gone. I would prefer payment as F&F or Buyer pays fees, as I am willing to let them go for very good prices. You can contact me via my email address on the 'For Sale' page (I will be transferring these to that page) Please check back in the next few days for prices, or send me an offer :) I really will be very negotiable as they HAVE to go!

Monday's Child No. 180 - SOLD

Colonial Dame No. 56

Saturday's Child No 185

Doll of the Month July No 193

March No. 189  - SOLD


Going a Milking No. 126


No Longer Available

Very Independent Lady for No. July 193

Little Miss Muffet No. 118 - SOLD

Pretty as a Picture No. 124 - SOLD

Sweet Alice No. 122 - SOLD

Little Sweet Miss No. 110 - SOLD