Tuesday 27 October 2020

Introducing Dorothy.

 I don't think I have ever really done a proper post of Dorothy my lovely 16/317 Open and Close Eyes Miss Dolly.  She has been with me over three years now.  She is wearing a nautical outfit I made a few years ago. 

Such a lovely fresh looking face.

She is in really lovely condition so she doesn't tend to feature much in my stories as I am scared of 'injuring' her!  

Tuesday 20 October 2020

New Shoes

 Some of the Schoenhut girls have some new shoes which they were very excited about.

Rebekah Grace got a lovely pair of pink shoes which she declared went perfectly with her pink dress.

Peggy Sue got a new pair of yellow shoes that go nicely with her knitted dress and beret.

Mary has a lovely pair of jade coloured shoes that match her knitted socks and dress nicely.

She wanted to shoe you them when standing up too.

While they were trying on their new shoes....

Janice was taking it easy...she already had a lovely pair of shoes made by Schoenhut Cobbler Maureen Leshko which are a perfect match for the knitted dress I made her a few years ago.

Rebekah Grace joins her on the chaise lounge.

Such sweet girls.


The new shoes worn by Rebekah Grace, Peggy Sue and Mary were bought from Petrana at Sasha-Doll.  

It can be difficult to get shoes to fit the Schoenhut especially in the UK, so it is nice to be able to get some shoes that work with these dolls.

The little pink pair worn by Rebekah Grace are for I believe the Pongratz dolls. She is a 14/105

Peggy Sue has on a Sasha pair of shoes, they are a little big, she has more toddler size feet, but they work with insoles and thick knitted socks as shown.  Peggy Sue is 16 inches tall.

Mary is 19 inches tall and is also wearing a Sasha pair of shoes (without an insole)  with knitted socks.  She is a 19/308

Thursday 8 October 2020

An Afternoon Tea

Peggy Sue and Co, had a lovely afternoon tea at their friend's house yesterday.

It was so lovely for them to spend time together.

The afternoon tea was delightful, such a yummy spread!

Lucy read out loud for a little while which Janice enjoyed.

Peggy Sue very much enjoyed cake whilst little Annie cuddled her new doll.

You really should try this cake, Peggy Sue says.

Later, after her 'spa' Anne-Marie joined them.

She feels so pretty now, and is thrilled with the Spa Treatment Aunty Chris gave her.

Later she is joined by Rebekah Grace and Margaret (Little Maggie)

Annie is joined by her sister Lucy who also had some spa treatment.

Such a lovely way to spend the afternoon.


Friday 2 October 2020

Is it Morning Already?

Aw...Peggy Sue yawns, Is it morning already?    

It certainly is.  Little Owen tells her.

I suppose I better get dressed then.  Peggy Sue says as she looks at what she got out last night to wear this morning.

Hmmm...I'm not really sure I want to accept Autumn is already upon us. I don't know if I want to wear this... Peggy Sue thinks to herself.  But it does feel like it is.

She gets dressed and Little Owen ties up the waist ribbon for her.

There you go Peggy Sue, all tied.  Little Owen tells her.

Peggy Sue puts on her shoes.

You look very autumnal Peggy Sue.  Little Owen says.

But I don't want it to be Autumn already.  Peggy Sue replies.

Peggy Sue makes her bed.

and places her little cushion 'just so'.  

I wonder who that is at the door?  Peggy Sue hears a noise at the door.

It is her little sister wanting to know if she wants to play with her.

The girls sit down and play with the little wooden dolls.

Do you know it will be nearly Christmas?  Norma Jean asks her.

Oh no please!  Don't talk about Christmas yet!  Peggy Sue exclaims in horror.  It is far too soon for that.