Sunday 10 September 2023

Lines House Diary: Part Two

I've been short bursts of stripping paint over the last week

.Top left room - one wall is almost paint free now.

Bottom left room, I had hoped to be able to salvage the paper under the Christmas paper but I don't think I am going to be able to.  I have started to take the lights off as well, but need to find a small screwdriver to take the switches off.  I've managed to get the one off in this room.

Here is the paper underneath the Christmas paper.

This top right room hasn't got as much to do, but the walls are really rough so wondering if I am going to have to use a paint stripper to get the rest off.

Underneath the painted paper in this room I could see some writing.

This is the paper that was painted.  Still not enough to probably identify it properly.

Not sure if I have this the right way up or not...

or even if it goes sideways...which was how it was on the wall...

I've managed to get a bit more off the walls in the  right downstairs room, but still a long way to go in this room.

I've also had a closer look at this medallion which was on the wall.  It is made by Stokes in Melbourne Australia.  I need to see if I can date it.  I am guessing perhaps the 60s/70s but not sure.


Sunday 3 September 2023

Lines House Diary: Part One

A couple of weeks ago a big box arrived.

I took photos of it, as I have trouble getting people to post large items to me, but it is doable, by several postal/courier services.  This one was by Parcel Force.

Inside is this Antique AG & J Lines House, No. 37 
It is in definite  need of renovation and repair!  It is missing it's top window which had obviously been cut out to install electrics.  What a shame they didn't keep the window!

Inside it has been over-painted and over wallpapered. 

Gosh what have I taken on?!

I decided to start with the top green room first.

Underneath some of the paint is glimpses of wallpaper.

The paper on the floor is interesting, but unfortunately it wasn't under all of the paint.  What a shame. 

This is all of it.

The flooring is incredibly rough!

As are the walls which looks extremely rough sawn timber.

Boy oh boy, what have I taken on?!

I also started removing some of the wallpaper in the blue room as it was loose.

More very rough saw timber underneath.

Down in the kitchen...

A vague marking on the rough wall

on which these papers were against.  This is the only part that had this paper on it.

Another very rough wall.

I certainly have my work cut out for me!  It is like they partly removed some wallpaper and just slapped either more paper over the top (as can be seen on the floor), or paint!